Pretty Boy Carl Edwards Escapes Jury Again

On Wednesday, NASCAR laid down their penalty for Carl Edwards after Saturday’s Nationwide Series race at Gateway. Edwards was penalized 60 points and $25,000 plus probation till the end of the year.

When will he get what he deserves?

This is the second-time in a row he’s purposely wrecked Brad Keselowski. The first incident was Atlanta back in March where Keselowski flipped.
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He also has a track record as recall a pair of incidents with Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Atlanta 2004 and Michigan 2006) and when he tried to choke Kevin Harvick in the garage.

A lot of people say though Keselowski deserved it, including Edwards, due to what happened before that incident.

If you back towards the turn one contact, that was a result of Keselowski running the corner too hard. He slid up and made slight contact – rubbin’ is racing. Edwards could’ve easily got back at Keselowski with his own slight rubbin’ in turns three and four.

Instead, he purposely spins Keselowski, collecting other cars. People who do these moves are beyond rubbin’ as they’re chancing a lot of people’s lives. What if someone had seriously gotten hurt? Steve Arpin already reported via his twitter, “Just got my neck snapped back into place from that wreck Saturday, man does that feel better” as a result of his contact with Keselowski.

Plus, what about those teams’ who were collected and their financial situation? Some of those teams collected are already on a tight budget.

The perfect revenge for Keselowski would be to ruin Edward’s chase chances, but nope, NASCAR has protected Edwards again. They also put Keselowski on probation till the end of the year.

This is a result of favoritism as a result of a marketing and money perspective. Edwards is sponsored by big sponsor Aflac and drives for Jack Roush in Ford. Meanwhile, you’ve got Keselowski driving for Penske Racing, who has seemed to be the outcast right now via being the only Dodge team. Suspending or harming Edward’s image in comparison to Keselowski would be bad from that perspective. Now if Edwards wrecks Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, or Kasey Kahne, you’ll see a different story.

Also, suspending Edwards would be bad against their ‘have at it’ policy as they said they’d let the drivers handle their disputes themselves. But isn’t this above that line?

What is it going to take for NASCAR to step up? Following the step above of a particular driver involved or somebody getting hurt. Hopefully we don’t see the lather.

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