Chase Austin Finishes 35th at Michigan after a Blown Motor

Chase Austin made his 2010 Nationwide Series debut at Michigan last week.

The race did not go as he planned as he qualified 35th and finished 35th after a blown motor.
“It was a pretty good race to start off with but it didn’t end like we wanted it to,” Austin told me. “But I was just happy to be back on track with some great sponsors doing some things for the charities and helping those great people with the Forgotten Harvest Million Meal Challenge with Walgreen’s. I was just happy to be there helping those people and getting a chance to race.”
Austin had Walgreen’s Million Meal Challenge for the Kids on the side of the car for the race, which is a challenge set out by Walgreens to have volunteers package over one million meals for children and families in poor communities.
“It’s an honor,” Austin said of the association with them last week in the team preview. “Through companies like Walgreens and programs like the Million Meal Challenge for the Kids, Forgotten Harvest has been able to feed so many kids in the Detroit Metro area this summer. I encourage everyone to go visit their local Walgreens and donate today, so they can continue to make sure that every kid in need has a meal this summer.”
Austin also had sponsor backing from Detroit-based company Forgotten Harvest, in which he toured the plant back in June.
“It was mind blowing the commitment the folks at Forgotten Harvest have in giving those in poverty an opportunity to put a healthy meal on their table,” Austin said of the experience. “Visiting their headquarters was an awesome experience. I had a chance to see how much effort goes into it and I can tell you it was very impressive. You could see their passion and the fact that they’re able to rescue over 19 million pounds of food in a year is incredible.”
For Austin, he enjoys helping people and was honored of the opportunity to be associated with both charities. Helping people is something that he wants to do eventually when he makes it to the Sprint Cup Series.
“Looking forward to, the biggest thing, is to be able to give back a lot as I’ve had a rough road to get here and I know a lot of people that are struggling as well so just to be able to make it to that spot, and do what I love to do – helping people.” Austin told me when I asked him.
Austin now looks forward to his next start later this year, which could possibly come at Atlanta later this year in the Nationwide Series.
“That’s not a 100% that I am going to run that, but if I do, it’s going to be to run laps and actually finish a race without blowing a motor this time as that has happened the past two times,” Austin told me. “But it’s just going to be about getting the seat time and learning a lot so that way next year I’ll have that experience to carry over and start the year off good.”

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