NASCAR Announces 2011 Sprint Cup Series Schedule

If you’re confused next year when you’re favourite race is, it won’t be a surprise as the schedule through a major shake-up.

On August 18th, NASCAR officially confirmed all 36 dates on the 2011 Sprint Cup Series schedule.

In comparing this year’s schedule to next year’s schedule, there are a lot of changes in the race schedule order – 19 total.
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The Daytona 500 will remain in it’s historical spot as the season opening race with the Bud Shootout, non-points special event, taking place once again the weekend before.

Phoenix International Raceway’s April date in slot seven on this year’s schedule moves up to slot two in February after the Daytona 500 for 2011, replacing Auto Club Speedway (Fontana).

Fontana will move their February race from slot two to slot five, getting back to their roots, replacing Bristol Motor Speedway.

Bristol moves from slot five to slot four, a week earlier, replacing Atlanta Motor Speedway.

As a result of the above, Atlanta will lose their March date on the schedule. They only will have a date in the fall, which I will get to later on.

Due to the listed changes as above also, Texas Motor Speedway (race No. seven) to Charlotte Motor Speedway (race No. 12)  now each move up a week, staying in the same order. So if you’re writing this down as I go, it’ll go Texas, Talladega Superspeedway, Richmond International Raceway, Darlington Raceway, Dover International Speedway and Charlote Motor Speedway.

Lastly, Las Vegas Motor Speedway keeps hteir race in slot No. three and Martinsville Speedway will keep their race in slot No. six on the schedule.

Filling the void left by those races moving up in slot No. 13 is Kansas Speedway, which will now have two races on the schedule for the first time since joining the schedule in 2001.

Races 14 to 16 will remain as Pocono Raceway, Michigan International Speedway, and Infinion Raceway.

Kentucky Speedway will recieve a Cup date for the first time, taking slot No. 18.

This’ll bump Daytona International Speedway to slot No. 17, replacing New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

New Hampshire now gets bumped to slot No. 19, replacing Chicago Speedway.

Chicago will now move it’s date to the Chase, becoming race No. one of the Chase in schedule slot No. 27, replacing New Hampshire’s second date.

New Hampshire’s second date on the schedule will now become Chase race No. two in slot No. 28, replacing Dover.

Dover moves to Chase race No. three in slot No. 29 , bumping Kansas to chase race No. four in slot No. 30.

Fontana, which previously held slot No. four of the Chase, will no longer have a second race on the schedule.

Races 20 to 26 stay the same, as does race 31 at Charlotte. Races 20 to 26 will contain Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Pocono, Walkin’s Glen, Michigan, Bristol, Atlanta and Richmond.

Talladega and Martinsville will flip races in October as Martinsville will gain Chase race No. seven while Talladega takes Chase race No. six.

The last three races will remain as Texas, Phoenix and Homestead-Miami Speedway.

There’s a lot of changes to figure out and yes, it may be confusing, but here are the keys:

  • Atlanta Motor Speedway and Auto Club Speedway each will lose a date
  • Kansas Speedway has two dates instead of one
  • Kentucky Speedway now has a date
  • Phoenix Raceway is now race No. two of the schedule
  • Auto Club Speedway is now race No. five
  • Some races are bumped up or down in the same order

Some fans will be confused, but overall, this should be a good change as NASCAR feels they’re hitting markets at a better time weather-wise and the markets that sell tickets.

With regards to the Chase to the Championship format, NASCAR has made no announcements yet, though expect a 10-race format possibly scored or set-up differently in determining the champion.

So here is the full schedule for viewing:

  1. Daytona International Speedway
  2. Phoenix International Raceway
  3. Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  4. Bristol Motor Speedway
  5. Auto Club Speedway
  6. Martinsville Speedway
  7. Texas Motor Speedway
  8. Talladega Superspeedway
  9. Richmond International Raceway
  10. Darlington Raceway
  11. Dover International Speedway
  12. Charlote Motor Speedway
  13. Kansas Speedway
  14. Pocono Raceway
  15. Michigan International Speedway
  16. Infinion Raceway
  17. Daytona International Speedway
  18. Kentucky Speedway
  19. New Hampshire International Speedway
  20. Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  21. Pocono Raceway
  22. Walkin’s Glen
  23. Michigan International Speedway
  24. Bristol Motor Speedway
  25. Atlanta Motor Speedway
  26. Richmond International Raceway
  27. Chicago Speedway
  28. New Hampshire Motor Speedway
  29. Dover International Speedway
  30. Kansas Speedway
  31. Charlotte Motor Speedway
  32. Talladega Superspeedway
  33. Martinsville Speedway
  34. Texas Motor Speedway
  35. Phoenix International Raceway
  36. Homestead-Miami Speedway

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