Suspended Indefinitely! Unless We Like You!!!

Today, Randy LaJoie was reinstated into the sport of NASCAR, after being “suspended indefinitely” by the sanctioning body after a failed drug test during a party Memorial Day Weekend. News of the failed drug test broke on June 22nd.

Now Randy LaJoie is a good guy and I understand he is sorry for what he has done, but this is an extreme slap on the wrist by NASCAR. This is a sport that has a “no tolerance” when it comes to drug tests and didn’t even want to listen to Shane Hmeil’s nor Jeremy Mayfield’s excuses.

So what makes Randy LaJoie different? I understand he doesn’t drive anymore, but when Mayfield wanted to run his team NASCAR would not let him anywhere near the track. So is that fair to Jeremy Mayfield.
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I understand he has been a thorn in the side of NASCAR since his penalty was announced, but why penalize him for caring about his career and putting up a good fight! I haven’t heard anything about letting Mayfield into the sport as an owner and not a driver, but perhaps they should.

This to me is just one of many things NASCAR does to favor other people. LaJoie is a loveable character; I hear him on Sirius NASCAR Radio every other week and see him on television just as much.

Yet, because of that he is allowed to be in the sport! I don’t understand NASCAR’s logic! You can’t take drugs or you will be suspended for a long time, unless of course we like you then we will let you back in after two months!

That sends a real strong message through the garage area let me tell you! The no tolerance policy is a good one. With all the problems NFL and NBA and other sports have with the law, it’s refreshing to see that NASCAR doesn’t have much of that or drug problems.

Carl Long was suspended longer for having his engine 1/16th of an inch wider than it should have been during an all-star race! I don’t know about you people, but I would rather have my kid measure wrong or forget to double check than take drugs.

This is a terrible move by NASCAR and everyone involved!

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