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Friday, Oct. 1, 2010

Kurt Busch Open Interview

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Kurt Busch Open Interview

KURT BUSCH (No. 2 Operation Home Front/Miller Lite Dodge Charger) WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON COMING BACK AND RACING AT KANSAS SPEEDWAY? “We’ve got Operation Home Front on our car this weekend. We’ll run it from now until Texas. The whole program comes to a close Veteran’s (Day) weekend in Texas. It’s a military program based on helping military families in need. It’s a special few weeks where we have them on the car. It’s exciting to have that military support and to be out there creating awareness around it.

“We’re here at Kansas Speedway to have a solid run and see what we can to build upon our points foundation that we’ve started from the beginning of the Chase. We’ve done well the first two races, so we need a solid third race to start the Chase off. It’s (Kansas) a tough race track, a mile-and-a-half that’s flat compared to most of the others that we race on. It just presents a few different personality changes that you have to make on the car to get a hold of this race track.”

TODAY IS A LITTLE WARMER THAN WHAT IT’S EXPECTED TO BE ON SUNDAY. HOW MUCH WILL THAT CHANGE YOUR SETUP? “There’s not much that you can do about it. We seem to run better with our Miller Lite Dodge Charger with cooler conditions. We’re excited that it’s going to be as cold as it’s going to be. It helps us gain the grip that we wouldn’t have in the warmer conditions we’re experiencing today or in the summer months.”

HOW DID THE CAR FEEL IN PRACTICE TODAY? “We were real tight to start off practice and ended up really loose in qualifying trim. We’re on both ends of the map. We’ll shoot for the middle and hope for the best. It seems like it takes a few laps to get settled here at Kansas since we only race here once a year. I don’t know if it’s the same Goodyear tire or not as last year, but it shows considerable amount of drop-off on track.”

HOW DIFFICULT IS IT BEING THE ONLY DODGE TEAM IN CUP? “We only have Penske Racing Dodge’s that are competitive and all of our eggs are in one basket. That’s the motto. Everything we know, Dodge knows. A lot of times, a manufacturer has to tell all the teams and there might be information that doesn’t quite travel down the pipeline as smooth. For us, it’s like family with those guys. We’re in it together and everything we do needs each other’s support. We’re just outnumbered when it comes down to it.”

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  1. Whats up? Im from Cooter Missouri im pullin for ya man…. Takes this chase away from Jimmie I have faith in ya brohound..!


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