“There are 43 drivers on the race track each Sunday and there is no delineation between Chase participants and non-Chase participants when it comes to respect.

“Everyone at Michael Waltrip Racing is working hard to deliver great results to our owners, employees and sponsors. All organizations have a lot at stake each week as we are all measured by our performance and finishing position. When David Reutimann’s chance to compete for a win at Kansas was taken away, it set off a series of events that have been well documented.

“I stand behind David because his record of sportsmanship is flawless. It is the duty of MWR’s drivers to deliver for Toyota and our other partners, and I expect them to be treated fairly while doing so.”

American Muscle

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  1. When Kyle hit David it was because David got lose and slowed up– What David did to Kyle was just plain stupid and vindictive.

  2. Kyle needs to remember that ‘you have to give respect to get respect.’ A lesson he will undoubtly not learn until it’s to late.

  3. David did not do Toyota any favors when he knocked the best chance Toyota had at the championship out of the race.

    But I understand David has been jealous of Kyle for a couple of years. So he had the chance to take a cheap shot and he took it.

  4. David Reutimann is my new hero. Kyle Busch is a great driver, but he is a crybaby punk. It’s ok for him to beat people up on the track, but when it happens to him, he thinks he’s the victim. Go David.


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