The Final Word – The day the dream machine became Kyle’s nightmare

So, what did we learn from Kansas?

Well, we learned that Kyle Busch and David Reutimann won’t be exchanging hugs anytime soon. Shrub was behind Reutimann in the early going, who seemed to lift in a corner which caused Busch to nail him from behind to ruin his day. It made Reuity a tad upset.

We learned later by just how much. With Kyle in the top ten and Reutimann laps down, the dream machine took aim and became the #18’s biggest nightmare. If they do a modern re-make of Ben-Hur, that is what the chariot scene would look like.
American Muscle

We learned that the best decision by a crew chief on the day might only result in a 21st place finish. With his rear end a mess, Kyle’s crew had a choice to make. They could go behind the wall, lose a ton of laps, and fix it right, or come up with some kind of fix on pit road. Dave Rogers’ decision to stay out there, to do the best they could with what they had, probably saved his driver at least 40 points. Instead of 120 points out, Busch is down 80. With seven races to go, that is doable.

We learned that if you do something wrong in the eyes of a competitor, don’t expect any favors even if you happen to be in the Chase. Reutimann felt wronged, and Busch found himself on the business end of a front fender. Having a reputation as being something of a gunslinger doesn’t help when someone takes a few shots back at you. If Busch had hoped NASCAR would ride to his rescue, he was wrong. No sanctions seem forthcoming over the incident.

We learned that Greg Biffle still has something to prove and the ability to do so. In the latter stages the Biff was the guy to beat, but nobody could pull it off. It was his second win of the season, and 16th of his Cup career. He remains 85 points back, which is close enough if this is a sign of what is to come.

We learned that the cream rises to the top. In recent years, we have called that cream Jimmie Johnson. He was second on Sunday, and first in the points by eight over Denny Hamlin, 30 ahead of Kevin Harvick. Could it be, in the words of Yogi Berra, deja vu all over again?

So, now they are off to California to that track that seldom entertains. Maybe this time will be the charm. Mind you, Mr. Johnson does not seem to mind it. Winning four of the last six races run there might have something to do with that. Maybe the only way to keep Jimmie away from another title is to get David Reutimann mad at him. I’m just saying. Enjoy the week.

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