JENNIFER JO COBB – No. 10 Ford F-150 (Finished 24th) – “To get back on the lead lap with six laps to go was good, but the track was like a sandbox by then. But what an awesome night.

What a great way to wrap up the year. What we said at the beginning of this year was that we wanted to just be strong and persevere and be there through and through, and to improve, and I think from the beginning to the end we absolutely did that. I think we faltered a little bit in the middle. We ran out of resources. We ran out of time. We ran out of people and we didn’t have a chance to take care of our equipment the way that we needed to, but I was so proud to race the Ford F-150 all year. All the support we got from the fans was great and then to have a brand new sponsor come on board for the very last race of the year in, it just gives us great momentum going into 2011. I am so excited. On one hand, I’m just so happy driving and racing and I want to go back next week, but on the other hand this break is much needed and it gives us a chance to regroup and really go through all of our equipment with a fine-tooth comb and get it right.”

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON BEING THE HIGHEST-FINISHING FEMALE IN A MAJOR NASCAR SERIES? “That statistic was cool when I heard it was gonna happen, but I don’t think it really hit me until I got down here and my biggest regret about it is that I didn’t bring my parents down here to really enjoy all of this and soak it all in, and I don’t know why I didn’t embrace that more. I’m just focused on being competitive and not focused on anything like that, and if you just do your best each and every week, then those types of things will come. I am sure proud of it and I really owe a debt of gratitude to all the women that came into this sport before me and were role models for me, and, hopefully, I can be a role model for not just little girls, but also little boys who don’t have a hope or a prayer because they don’t have the finances to be here. That was my story and I just always said, ‘You can make it happen.’ My faith really got me through all those rough times and all those times I thought when I was just done and out of money and we can’t do it, we can’t go on. It’s been a tough ride, but it’s been one that I think really shaped my character and I’m very appreciative for that.”
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WHAT’S THE FUTURE FOR YOU? “Next year I’d like to be on the lead lap for every race and have some really strong top-10 finishes. I’d love to finish the season out in the top 12 in points. I’d love to by vying for a win at some point, and then to go along with my childhood dream to ultimately get to the Cup level. That would be a big deal to make that happen and I think we can. At this point, why would I not think that anything is possible?”

JASON WHITE – No. 23 Ford F-150 – “We had a really good truck. We drove it all the way up to eighth or ninth and it was going really well but something happened to the motor. It looked like we broke a valve spring or something. We ran on seven cylinders the last 60 laps and we were lucky we survived and finished 10th in the points.

It ended up okay, but it was a shame that we had an engine problem.

The Roush Ford still lives though, so that is a good thing. We took each day as it came and our goal all year was to finish top-10 in points and we did that. We got a pole at Daytona with the Ford and ran very competitively. It was a good season. I wish we had a couple of re-do’s and you always wish you could take some things back, but at the end of the deal it is racing so it is all good.”

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