Ford Las Vegas Advance (David Ragan)

David Ragan put together the second fastest lap in opening practice as Ford finished with four of the top-5 times in the opening session at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ragan talked about his run.

“Our Ford is really fast. Everybody has been working really hard and I think that is evident with Carl and Matt and Greg and some of the other Fords that unloaded fast. It makes life a lot easier when you all unload fast like that. I am really happy with our Ford. Even in the Nationwide practice I was watching and you hear everyone talking about the bumps in turn one and I have been trying to find a sweet spot where I could drive around them and I kind of got so pumped up that I got such a good run coming off of four that I didn’t really hit my marks getting into turn one. Our car has so much grip that I can get back to the throttle really early. We will make a couple of minor adjustments and try to go get a good qualifying lap for our UPS team.”

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