Jeff Gordon’s Win At Phoenix Spurs A Dream Week For One Lucky Fan

[media-credit name=”CIA Stock Photo” align=”alignright” width=”229″][/media-credit]Not long after Jeff Gordon’s landmark win at Phoenix last weekend, the social media website Twitter was buzzing with news of the “hiccups girl”- a devoted fan who predicted the driver’s win just hours before when she got hiccups- quickly becoming Jeff Gordon’s lucky charm.

Gordon was quick to take notice of his lucky charm, Courtniee, who has been getting the lucky hiccups since Darlington in 2007. “I just thought it was a one time thing, then I had them the hiccups) again the day of Pocono 2007, and the next two races and realized that maybe they were lucky,” said Courtniee.

Until last Sunday, it had been nearly two years and 66 races since the lucky hiccups surfaced. “I just would try not to think about having them or not and just enjoy watching the race,” said Courtniee. “When Jeff would have those good runs, I was hoping he would win. When he did not win, I felt just like every other fan would, but kept saying there’s always next week.”
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Rooting for Jeff Gordon is not a new phenomenon for the Pennsylvania native, but a 17 year journey that has seen both wins and heartbreak. “I saw his rainbow car and thought it was the coolest thing and have been a fan since,” said Courtniee, who has an entire corner of her room dedicated to Jeff Gordon collectibles. “It’s actually the only part of my room that I keep clean.”

With all the buzz surrounding Courtniee and her lucky hiccups, it wasn’t long before Jeff Gordon took notice of her. During all of Gordon’s appearances and interviews following the win, he has mentioned Courtniee by name, calling her his lucky charm. Appearances including radio interviews, newspaper columns, and spots on NASCAR Race Hub and Jay Leno were just a few of the places where Courtniee has received publicity.

Aside from the shoutouts, Courtniee has also appeared on Sirius NASCAR Radio this past week and has been asked for multiple interviews. “This week has been one of the best weeks of my life,” said Courtniee. “It’s not every day that someone you look up to will mention your name.”

Among all the publicity she has received, Courtniee says that Jay Leno was her favorite part. “I was not expecting him to bring me up at all on the show and when I heard it, I was in shock,” she replied. “All my friends and family members are still surprised that a girl from a small town in Pennsylvania was mentioned on Leno.”

Through all of the hype and excitement of this week, Courtniee remains determined to have the opportunity to meet Gordon in person.” I would first tell him that I have been trying to meet him for 17 years. Then I would tell him that he has been an inspriration to me for most of my life,” she said. “He has taught me to never give up and to chase my dreams.”

With the 2011 season just beginning, it will be interesting to see how many more times Courtniee gets her lucky hiccups, pushing Jeff Gordon to victory. In the meantime, Courtniee will continue to bask in the glory of all the media attention, dreaming for the chance to finally meet her favorite driver.

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