Greg Biffle Bristol Notes and Quotes

Biffle on Bristol: “Bristol is just so intense.  You can’t relax at all.  It’s like walking a tightrope for 500 miles and holding your breath the whole time.  No other track is like that.  It obviously takes a good racecar to win at Bristol but it helps to qualify well.  Sometimes it can be hard to pass and if the field gets backed up, it doesn’t take long for the leader to start lapping cars.  If you have a bad qualifying run or have to start in the back for some other reason, it can be difficult even with a good car to get back through the field.”  

Erwin on Bristol:  “I cannot emphasize how important qualifying is at Bristol.  It is crucial at Bristol both for pit selection and track position.  Pit road is so tight there so a good pit stall can make all the difference.  Passing there is difficult because the track is short and there are limited opportunities to make a pass so being up front from the beginning is a huge asset.  You have to have an aggressive but experienced driver to do well there and we definitely have that so if we can get him up front, he should be able to keep it there.”

Bristol Notes
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• Biffle is currently 31st in the Sprint Cup point standings following his 28th-place finish in Las Vegas.

• Biffle has an average finish of 10.8 from an average starting position of 14.9 at Bristol Motor Speedway.

• Ryan Dextraze will take over gasman duties for the No. 16 team this weekend in Bristol. Dextraze served as the team’s catchcan person until this year and then moved to windshield tear-off duties. Billy Manchester who served as the team’s gasman for the first three races of this season will maintain his position as shock specialist and take over windshield duties on raceday.

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