Ford Texas Post Race (Edwards)

CARL EDWARDS PRESS CONFERENCE TALK ABOUT YOUR RUN TONIGHT “Our car was really loose all night. We really struggled and it seemed like we put on a set of tires and made small adjustments and the car would be way different. I am not sure what adjustment was making the car change so much. We worked pretty hard and it went out way. Third was the best we could hope for. We are coming out of here with the points lead and a teammate in victory lane, it is a good trip to Texas for us.”

HOW DID THE WIN AFFECT YOU OUT THERE? “It was pretty serious. My car started moving around a lot like three-quarters through the race and I was wondering what it was and I looked at the flag at it was straight out. I guess the wind got stiffer as the race went on. It was a pretty big factor I thought.”

WERE YOU GOING FOR THE PEPTO BISMOL SPONSORSHIP? “I was a little sick this morning and then thought I was alright. My stomach was pretty messed up about 50 laps in.”
American Muscle

WHAT DID YOU EAT LAST NIGHT? “My mom made a little dish. I think it might have been her first attempt at it.”

WAS THERE AN ULTIMATE RESULT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT? “No, I would rather not talk about the details. I kept everything in, so we were okay. I knew with this white fire suit I had to be careful.”

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU SPENT THE ENTIRE RACE MAKING ADJUSTMENTS? “Yeah, we were trying to get the car right but never did. That is why Bob and I are so happy with third. That is the best result with a balance that is that far off that we have probably ever had. I think everybody was struggling and it came down to who struggled the least.”

WAS THERE ANY POINT EARLY ON WHERE YOU THOUGHT YOU MIGHT HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE CAR? “I guess if I was from Kansas or something I might have to do that (laughter). But we don’t do that where I am from, do we Clint (Bowyer)? If it had gotten much worse, Ricky Stenhouse was standing by for relief duties. I wasn’t going to get out of the car though. We were running to well.”

DID YOU REALLY HIT A BIRD EARLY ON? “We did. I didn’t see any feathers but Bob said there were some on the front. You know, being sponsored by a duck that is not good to do that (laughter). I hope he had his Aflac.”

YOU WON AT LAS VEGAS, NOW MATT HAS WON HERE. ROUSH HAD THREE OF THE TOP FOUR. ALL FOUR WERE IN THE TOP SEVEN ON A BIG 1.5 MILE OVAL. THIS HAS TO GIVE YOU GUYS A LOT OF CONFIDENCE I WOULD THINK GOING FORWARD. “Yeah, I was a little nervous after Martinsville and we talked about that. We came here and ran like we did at Vegas and there were times all the Roush cars were right there. Our cars are good right now and we are enjoying it. We just have to keep going.”

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