Ford Talladega Nationwide Quotes

Ford Finishing Order:

6th – Trevor Bayne

15th – Timmy Hill
American Muscle

17th – Carl Edwards

31st – Josh Wise

37th – Jennifer Jo Cobb

38th – Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

41st – Tim Andrews

42nd – Carl Long

RICKY STENHOUSE, JR. – No. 6 Blackwell Angus Ford Mustang (Finished 38th) – “It was just racing, I guess. It looked like Trevor might have got a push from Carl, got a little loose, and I was just following the 31 kind of wherever they went and it looked like the left-front just got into the right-rear and got us in the fence. It’s tough. Our Blackwell Angus Beef Ford Mustang was awesome all day. I can’t thank the guys enough at the engine shop, the body shop for getting this thing back from Daytona. We were really, really fast, but it just didn’t end right for us.”

THE ONE THING YOU WANTED TO DO WAS AT LEAST FINISH TODAY. THAT MAY NOT HAPPEN NOW. “It’s a tough one to swallow. This is the first of the year, but, hopefully, we’ll get back out there and make some laps, but it’s gonna be a tough one for us. We’ll go to Nashville next week.”

JENNIFER JO COBB – No. 41 Rick Ware Racing Ford Mustang (Finished 37th) – “Things happen in a hurry. You get in the middle of it and there’s nowhere to go and there’s nothing you can do. I tried to put the brakes on to minimize the pain, but I got hit from two or three different sides all-around and got caught up in somebody else’s issue. I always say that when you’re at Daytona and Talladega you have a 50/50 chance of the car surviving. I was so bored when I was out there by myself, but when we got caught up with the draft I wasn’t bored anymore, that’s for sure.”

TREVOR BAYNE – No. 16 Ford Mustang (Finished 6th) – “We were leading on the last lap and that was fun. Carl and I were really, really fast together. We were leading in turn one and two when the 18 and 20 barely snuck it in there on us and when they packed there, I lost Carl and we dropped back a little bit. It’s OK. We had a really good day. We were really fast. I hate that we didn’t win the thing or finish top five because I k now we could have with as good as we were, but it was a fun day.”

HOW DID IT FEEL TO BE THE ONE BEING PUSHED TODAY? “It was different and I liked it. Carl did a really good job of pushing me. He did a great job today and never got me in any situations. I think we did a good job of staying calm and we got a decent finish, so it’s all good.”

WHAT HAPPENED IN THE INCIDENT WITH RICKY? “I hate when a teammate’s car gets torn up. That’s a bad day, but I was outside the 31. They got squirrely on the frontstretch and lost each other. The 60 and I had a huge run, we got to the outside and the 31 kept coming up and I don’t think Ricky could see exactly where they were on the track. He probably thought we had another lane outside, but we didn’t and we were there, and then he just came up and got us and it turned him unfortunately.”

TIMMY HILL – No. 15 Rick Ware Racing Ford Mustang (Finished 14th) – “I’ve played a lot of video games and done well on that, but that’s a completely different thing. We came here and practiced well. I took on to that two-car draft really well, but throughout the day we had trouble with anybody pushing me. It’s understandable because I’ve got the rookie stripes on the back of the car, but through the whole day we’d be the pusher. We would push up really good, but then at the very end of the race we lost our help within the wreck, so we just had to finish it out with no help. But that was a solid day and a great finish. I couldn’t be any happier.”

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? “It’s great. We’ve been really struggling at the beginning of the year, just having failures and a lot of bad luck. To finally get everything to go really well for one race is really exciting for the team and myself.”

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