Bayne and Ragan Quotes

TREVOR BAYNE – No. 21 Good Sam Ford Fusion – “That was one of the harder hits I’ve taken, just because it was so much of a frontal impact across the track, off the apron, all the way to the wall. I don’t know who got us. I saw the 6 blowing up in front of us, so I keyed up the mike. I’m like, ‘It’s getting crazy in front of me, Greg.’ I was on Greg Biffle’s radio at the time. As soon as I said that they blew up, Greg got off of me because I yelled, “Blowing up, blowing up.’ He got off of me and at the same time the 2 car got hooked somehow. I don’t know that they triggered each other, I just saw the 2 get hooked at the same time the 6 was on fire. He goes across the track, I saw him hit the outside wall, but then I don’t know who caught us in the right-rear and sent us. But I thought we were safe. I was like, ‘Man, that was close,’ and about the time I said that I was headed toward the outside wall, so not a fun ride.”

IT LOOKED LIKE A GREAT CAR. “It really was. I was excited about it because anytime Greg and I wanted to go, we would go right to the front. We led some laps there. We hung out in the back when we wanted to. I thought we were kind of out of harm’s way there, but, obviously, we weren’t far enough back out of it.”

HOW HARD IS IT TO COMMUNICATE? “It actually worked out well. Our mikes are cued to where we can override each other, so if I mike up and say, ‘Hey, they’re crashing,’ he can get off of me. Greg did a really good job of backing off, but it was just somebody else that got us.”
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DAVID RAGAN – No. 6 UPS Ford Fusion – HOW IS THE COMMUNICATION? “It’s hard. The first caution when someone wrecked on the back straightaway, Paul Menard was spotting for me and I didn’t even really get what was going on, so it’s a little tough not to have your guy in the ear. Hopefully, NASCAR will look at it and make some decisions where we don’t have to race like this anymore, but as long as the rules are how they are, we’re gonna keep going because that’s the fast way around the race track. I just hate our UPS team got caught up in a wreck today.”

HOW INTENSE IS IT OUT THERE? “You’re absolutely on top of it 100 percent of the time, and driving 100 percent – that’s ultimately what will cause some accidents. It’s exciting. It’s different. I haven’t figured out whether I like it or not, but your heart is racing the whole time. You feel like you’re at Bristol.”

WHAT HAPPENED? “I was just down the back straightaway. Matt and I were just cruising and I smelled smoke and oil, like someone was blowing up. I looked at our gauges and I thought it was me at first, and then I realized it wasn’t and then I saw the 2 spin and someone clipped us in our right-rear quarter and I was just along for the ride.”

DO YOU THINK FANS LIKE THIS RACING? “If every fan had a scanner and could really see the big picture, it’s very intriguing and exciting. You don’t have the big packs that you used to have, but it is something that’s different and it would be very interesting to sit up there and try to watch.”

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