Logano and No. 20 GameStop Team Narrowly Miss Victory, Get Caught Up in Final-Lap Crash at Dover International Speedway

The Race Recap: For the second time this season, Joey Logano and the No. 20 GameStop team were just a mile away from victory when a last-lap crash eliminated their chances for victory. Logano was side-by-side with leader Carl Edwards coming to the white flag Saturday afternoon at Dover International Speedway when Edwards got loose, slid up the track and got Logano aero loose, causing him to hit the outside wall and come back across the track, collecting several other cars in the process. As a result, Logano and the GameStop team finished 13th, the team’s worst finish of the season.

Logano started the day 11th when qualifying was rained out at The Monster Mile. It took little time for Logano to work his way to the front, getting into the top-five by lap 28 and into second just past halfway. Most of the day, Logano’s No. 20 GameStop Toyota was the fastest car on the track, taking the lead on lap 150 and leading for 37 laps before losing the lead late to Edwards. However, several attempts to finish the race allowed Logano a chance to race side-by-side with Edwards for the win, eventually resulting in the last-lap crash. Despite the accident, the No. 20 team came out of Dover still in the NASCAR Nationwide Series Owner’s points lead, 29 points ahead of Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Kyle Busch and the No. 18 team.

Joey’s Quotes: “Our GameStop Toyota was fast today and that felt great. I thought the race was going to come down between Carl and I and it did. We were the two best cars all day long, we just had to start a lot farther back and it took us a lot longer to get to the front than Carl. There on that last restart, Carl and I stayed right together and I think we were inching in front of him through three and four. After watching the replay, it looked like he got loose and started to chase it up the track. I was almost clear, but he got to that spot on my left rear that just got me loose and the car got sideways and slammed into the wall. It was a hard hit. After that, things just happened fast. I saw the underneath of Clint’s car and I knew it wasn’t good. Thankfully, everyone walked away from the wreck just fine.

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“I hate that we tore the No. 20 GameStop Toyota up because that was a bad fast car. That last-lap deal, it was just racing. I mean, there were things that could have been done different sure, but it was just hard racing and two guys going for the win. Carl didn’t hit me and didn’t turn me around. He just got me loose by getting under me there. Plus, we were already up the track a little bit and at that point, it doesn’t take much to get these cars sideways. So it was just hard racing. That is what this sport it about. It’s unfortunate that a lot of other cars got involved though. It was a wild wreck for sure.

“I’m really proud of everyone today. The guys did a great job in the pits and Adam made some good calls on the radio and made some great adjustments. I knew going into the race that the car was going to be really good and they just made it better. I just really wish we could have qualified today and gotten a chance to start further towards the front. Things might have played out a little different then. But that is ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda.’ We are getting better and we are going to be a threat every week I think.”

Adam’s Quotes: “I’m really proud of the entire team today and really proud of Joey. That guy got up on the wheel and wanted it today and he did everything he could to get the job done. Unfortunately, we just got involved in a racing accident there at the end. It was two guys racing hard for the win there at the end. We just got the bad end of the stick I guess you could say. Joey has been really hungry for a win and you could see it out there today. He drove harder and better than he has all year long and it showed.

“A race like this, despite the disappointment of not winning, you’ve got to look at all the positives. We were one of the best cars out there all day long and for most of the day I would say we were the best car. We were just fighting track position for the first two-thirds of the race. Plus, despite the finish, a lot of other guys had some issues and we are still solidly in the Owner’s points championship, which is really something that is important to all the guys on the team. So we will head to Iowa with a lot of momentum following the last three weeks and having some of the best cars on the track each of those weeks. We’ll be back.”

What’s Next: The No. 20 GameStop Toyota and Logano will be back in action in a couple of weeks at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Top Gear 300.

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