NASCAR Indeed Tried To Benefit Jr; Still Lost

I’m just at a loss for words over what happened at the end of the Coca Cola 600 on Sunday night. It was a great race throughout, but yet another controversy has sprung up that takes all the excitement out of the finish. Does NASCAR really think we’re that stupid?

[media-credit name=”Barry Albert” align=”alignright” width=”276″][/media-credit]Well given the fact that NASCAR will never win because the fans will complain of anything regardless…but that doesn’t answer the question of whether NASCAR purposefully let the race continue so that Jr. could break his winless drought. As sad as it is to announce as it is to type, NASCAR got busted on this one and badly. Earlier in the race we had a caution for a flipping beer can on the track, but debris spewing from Brad Keselowski wasn’t dangerous? Now, I’m one of those fans that just wants to see the drivers race and to be perfectly honest, I’m sick of these stupid cautions stacking up the field, but that usually never happens.

I got into a heated discussion with a fellow NASCAR reporter and her answer was the typical, “There is no proof. It is all assumption.” Well, I hate to break the news to you, but was there any proof that Fidel Castro had his opposition killed during his re-election campaigns? No, but the fact that every time a news report had something positive about his opponent mysteriously the next morning they would be reported missing and never heard from again. Also, I must add that in 2005, NASCAR assumed that Kurt Busch wrecked Michael Waltrip on purpose at Martinsville. He did not. He simply overdrove the corner. NASCAR has done its fair share of “assumptions.”
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Speaking of Michael Waltrip, NASCAR assumed he flipped off Robby Gordon at New Hampshire. Aghhhh. Nope. It turns out Mikey was just hot and waving his hand to get some fresh air and after an appeal of the huge fine he had received, NASCAR gave in.

NASCAR was going to look bad either way coming out of that race. I would have thrown the caution due to the debris that was being thrown out and for the safety of the drivers. We all think back to 2004 at Dover when the leader Kasey Kahne ran over oil and smacked the wall while striving for his first victory. Speaking of which…he caused all of this. Ahem…back to the topic.

NASCAR looked bad by not throwing the caution out and if they threw the caution after the white flag, it would have become obvious. Not throwing the yellow would have appeared less obvious, but still obvious. And little did they know, Jr. was going to run out of fuel either way. Just think about it, caution for beer can, no caution for debris + 2 car incident + Kahne out of fuel. Once again I call for NASCAR to be more consistent on its rulings and not just for the benefit of the most popular driver.

There is a rule saying also that you have to maintain pace car speed in order to win the race under yellow, but in 2008 Jr. didn’t do that. He was actually out of fuel, so NASCAR spoon fed to him his last victory. So really what we have is a driver who has not won in over 184 races if you don’t count his Budweiser Shootout victory in 2008.

Look guys, we can’t blame Jr. for him being treated like Prince William. NASCAR isn’t treating every driver the same and it is wrong. I demand a change; otherwise expect more empty seats. Fans want to see a fair race, not a fixed one; Jr. fan or not.

NASCAR was served justice when Jr. ran out of fuel.

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  1. Everone makes a grammar mistake here and there. You aren’t perfect either old timer. You’re probably divorced. Anyway, NASCAR has to cover up everytime they try and help Dale. Do you guys remember the yellow line controversy at Talladega in 2003?

  2. Roberta is a flaming Jr. fan. To the guy that called Ryan an idiot…where is your proof of that? His writing skills are great and this story will make headlines. He has his own radio show, I suggest you get a life. What other high school kid has a radio show? Get a life and focus on yourself. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  3. Yes he was out of fuel. His radio conversation with Tony Eury proves it. Jr. Fans hate Ryan for speaking the truth as they hated Jeff Gordon for being a better driver. Keep up the good work Ryan.

  4. Ryan graduated with a 4.2 gpa and is a finalist for the national flinn scholarship, so oldtimer your comments are just rude and stupid. The last thing we need is a holes like you. Your behavior is more appalling. Great article Ryan. You tell it how it is.

  5. so why didnt nascar throw the caution as soon as Jr. took the white flag, thus allowing him to finish the last lap at pace car speed. he then would have won the race

  6. I was SHOCKED Na$crap didn’t let Dale Jr. just speed up and pass the pace car 3 times like when they assisted in Dale Jr.’s last win 3 years ago at Michigan. that being the only race Dale Jr. has won in the last 5 years. That’s right JR. Nation…1 win in the last 5 years.

  7. First, I’d like to agree that a little more consistency wouldn’t hurt when it comes to the calls NASCAR makes in ruling the sport.
    I read an article earlier today that suggested that NASCAR take its rule book and give it to a union of ‘referees’ and let them call the race. Take the NASCAR officials out of it like in other sports. Thought that would be a good idea.
    Second, if NASCAR wanted to give Dale Jr wins, he’d have more than 1 win in 184 races. Its that simple, if they wanted to put the fix in for Earnhardt, he would be dominating and winning championships ala Jimmie Johnson. Think about it, who would NASCAR benefit from winning championships more, Jr or Johnson. If NASCAR was into fixing things, why go for a carrot when you can eat a chocolate cake?
    Third, NASCAR in the past has stated that they will do all they can to finish a race under green conditions with as few attempts as possible. A NASCAR spokesman has commented on this before and is quoted in an article by David Newton as follows:

    ‘NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said Allmendinger was given every opportunity to clear the track so the race could be completed under green, which is the ultimate goal.

    Allmendinger’s car did not create unsafe racing conditions, Poston argued.

    “We waited as long as we could so we could complete the race, but when the 44 didn’t move in time we had to display the yellow between Turns 3 and 4,” he said. “We were able to let the guys race it out as much as possible while keeping everyone safe.”’

    link to article:

  8. I would like to point out something that should have been obvious to anyone who watched the race through to it’s completion. Everyone in the field ran through “the debris field” from the 2 car. Not a single car lost a tire. Not a single car had issues. And yet you state that the lack of caution was to benefit a car that ultimately ran out of gas 1 corner and half a straight a way later. What is your source for that kind of accusation? To make the statement that it has been happening for awhile is pointless conspiracy theory without something to back it up.

    Also, I would like to point out to you that in 2008 in Michigan Dale Jr drove the car to victory lane it ran out of gas as he was entering victory lane. Post race showed that there was 2 quarts of fuel in the cell. So that information is not correct.

    I think that instead of picking a target you should pick a subject. Because you picked a target that will get you blasted. For the most part no one has ever been able to solidly document any favoritism towards Dale Jr from anyone but JRNation. And we expect them to show him favoritism.

    • Whats funny about this whole situation is that the stories of those trying to justify the non-yellow have become just as outlandish as those of the conspiracy theorists. Up until Sunday, the theories were circumstantial at best, with just an inordinate amount of “lucky dog” passes awarded to the 88. I was in the stands in turn 1 of Charlotte. If Kyle Busch going through the grass and collecting his car and making it down pit road with no damage and continuing on was a caution, then so was what happened at the end of the race. The fact is NASCAR shows preferential treatment, and if you think that the people who believe this are a small group than you werent in the stands in Charlotte on Sunday as I was. The concern is not limited to a fringe group anymore. Do you see how many articles are dedicated to this? How many “reputable” sources are commenting on this? How often has Fox News had to defend the moon landing? Never. Because those stories lack credibility. This story however has just gained a TON of credibilty and all of you people know it, thats why you feel you have to come to NASCAR’s aid. NASCAR has given fans more than enough reasons to question their rulings regarding any driver and this just added more to the fire.

  9. So you’re a senior at Prescott High School. I suggest you drop back to a freshman and try to learn more the next time. It’s obvious you don’t know much about Nascar and less about the drivers. Your lack of knowledge is appalling, and your writing skills are even more so. You might want to try another field of work when you graduate. We have enough idiots writing about Nascar now.

  10. Don’t confuse this fool with “the media”. He just a blogger. A high school kid from Arizona. And he’s an idiot.

  11. Agree 100%. A joke to have to witness NASCAR playing stupid games. Same for the All Star race, when will the fan favorite actually be a driver who has performed well on the track and deserves the chance to compete rather than a guy who has not won in over 100 races? Good article!

  12. I will agree with you on one point. NASCAR is consistently inconsistent. But!! Having been the position of NASCAR’s officials in the tower (of course in lesser series), I can tell you it is impossible to get half-dozen or more people on the same page in such a short period of time as to influence the outcome of an event much less have the same half-dozen or more keep their flippin mouth shut after the conspiracy has been completed. Some idiot with a microphone (or notebook) will always be around to see to that. Stick to factual reporting and not speculation.

  13. Comparing NASCAR with professional wrestling is an insult to professional wrestling. NASCAR can’t even cheat right.

  14. As I have said for a long time, NASCAR is much more entertaining for their staged events than WWE! I don’t dislike Jr., but come on NASCAR, we are not that stupid.

  15. WA WA WA. Gonna get your hits this week from the haters, huh? In the 500 a few years ago, they let em race back to the flag with a wreck and Harvick won. Martin finished second and lost his best shot at that elusive 500 win. Of course that was ok and forgot about quickly. Your article is garbage and an obvious attempt to get some hits. Im sure overr88ted will print it out and frame it. Guess they almost gave him Martinsville too!! Silly!!!

  16. Hmm, I don’t remember him being out of gas during the final laps at Michigan. I seem to remember him being able to make it around for the two laps of the G-W-C. In fact, if I remember right, the controversy that day was about passing the pace car, not keeping up with pace car speed. Maybe you are thinking of Biffle at Kansas in 2007? Wait! But, they don’t do things like that for anybody but Junior, right?

    I also don’t understand your comment about NASCAR helping Junior being the reason that the attendance is down. Never heard that one before. I’ve heard people say that they were tired of NASCAR letting Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus cheat to the championship year after year, but not that. He hasn’t won since 2008. He sure doesn’t have alot to show for all of those years of special treatment. NASCAR must really be dumb. They can’t even cheat right.

  17. It’s time for the France family to pack their bags and take their posse back to Paris. I’m sick of this favoritism crap.


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