STP and ‘The King’ Reunite

[media-credit id=30 align=”alignright” width=”245″][/media-credit]No one that has followed racing for any length of time does not associate that Blue and Red number 43 to STP and Richard Petty. STP and Richard Petty are synonymous with performance and racing.

STP is returning to Nascar after a 5 year abscence in partnership with the King RPM and A.J. Allmendinger. STP with it’s new ownership from Armored Auto Group is seeking to renew it‘s relationship with Nascar and Richard Petty. STP will return with the original blue and day glo red paint scheme on the 43. The paint scheme Petty said was a compromise originally as he wanted the car blue and STP wanted the car Red. “So we compromised on what you saw on the track.” That paint scheme would win the 79 Daytona 500 which was the first broadcast of a Nascar race and the 79 season was the 7th Championship.

A.J. stated he felt fortunate to be driving the new/old paint scheme and he hoped to show STP what they have to offer now and in the years to come. He stated it’s a great partnership and he hopes to have the association for years to come.
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It was noted that the 37 year relationship between the King and STP is the longest in motorsports. The only relationship close is the Dupont Jeff Gordon relationship which is 18 years in duration. Allmendinger stated he hoped to continue his relationship with STP for another 30 years. The King stated, “It’s just a given thing, STP/Richard Petty, and Motorsports go together and they always have.”

With the change in ownership and the change from the 4 car team to a 2 car team, RPM is building foundations. With the Roush Yates relationship RPM is seeing improvement in performance this year as compared to last year with just the 2 cars. “We are learning what it takes to run upfront.” said Allmendinger. “I am learning and the team is learning.”

History is closer than we think. It often repeats itself. This weekend our new fans and young fans will once again see the legendary and iconic STP 43 with a new generation driver and a new logo on the hood. But the paint and the connection remain. For 37 years Richard Petty and STP have fueled the dreams of young want to be racers. This week at Kansas the dream will live on.

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