Why is mean old Richard Childress picking on an angel such as Kyle Busch?

[media-credit name=”Brad Keppel” align=”alignright” width=”232″][/media-credit]You would think the story of the week would have something to do with Dale Earnhardt Jr finishing second for a second straight week. Maybe the big item would be Brad Keselowski taking the second Cup victory of his career. Nope to both. Instead, it is all about the second Busch brother getting a beat down from a guy old enough to be his dad…or maybe grandpa, in the latest case.

It would seem Kyle brushed up against the truck owned by Richard Childress, driven by Joey Coulter, on the cool down lap at the end of the Craftsman series event at Kansas over the weekend. Childress approached Rowdy in the garage area, punched him, the two got to jawing as they were separated, then the 65-year old put the 26-year in a headlock and nailed him again. Why does Nolan Ryan come to mind?

Of course, we can’t have senior citizens kicking the crap out of one of NASCAR’s brightest stars. Well, bright as in he wins a lot, not bright as in how he thinks things through, like when he test drives a car for example. You know Childress was going to get slapped by the sanctioning body (that being NASCAR, not the WBA, WBC, or WWE) for beating on the poor, young, defenceless driver for no good reason. No, just because the boy is one irritating little a**hole does not give one the right to tune him in. It didn’t work for Jimmy Spencer, it won’t work for Richard Childress. In fact, it just cost Childress $150,000 for the privilege.

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If you remember, Kurt and his boss, at the time, Jack Roush missed some key points in relating the course of events that led to the altercation with Mr. Spencer a few years back. That, more than anything else, caused the public to react rather unfavorably to the whiney little twerp, prompting his eventual rehabilitation and personality overhaul. Kyle seems to be now displaying some similar traits. If he had commented afterwards that “it appears I must have upset Mr. Childress” and smiled, we might have all smiled along with him. Instead, he talked about how he was just minding his own business, heading to his camper, feeding the hungry, taking in the homeless, and doing the things saints such as Kyle would have been doing before being mysteriously attacked. He gave us the same line last month when Childress driver Kevin Harvick tried to introduce his fist to Busch’s head after a race.

To be honest, Coulter did not seem in the least upset with Busch after the race, but he doesn’t have to pay for the repairs to the truck. The fact Childress, or anyone else for that matter, wants to take a swing at Busch isn’t really all that mysterious. When you rattle someone’s cage, sometimes they reach out to grab you. Guys like Dale Earnhardt, and Harvick today, have been known to upset a few folks along the way, even talked about their innocence, but the grins on their faces let us know that they already knew what we also knew. It might have been bull crap, but it was entertaining bull crap.

All of us have at some time met a Kyle Busch out on the playground, the fellow who stirs up trouble but goes running off to seek sympathy to the injustice of it all when the manure finally hits the ventilator. Sure, the chap who takes the poke winds up in the principal’s office, but he is the one who winds up with the sympathy and the understanding. If Kyle does not believe that, all he has to do is ask his brother.

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  1. I just can’t understand how Nascar can say Kyle was not at fault. Kyle initiated contact with Richard’s Truck after the race and if not for that one move this incident with Richard would never have happened. How could anyone much less the great organization of Nascar reach that conclusion. And remember Kyle is on probation and should have avoided any contact especially with Richard’s Truck.

  2. It would be impossible for the story to be “…Dale Earnhardt Jr finishing second for a second straight week…” considering Jr finished 7th in Charlotte, and 2nd in Kansas. Just saying.

    To the real story of the week, I think it is nice that someone finally got their hands on that little biotch in an attempt to teach him a lesson. He has a big mouth, and talks real tough when he is behind the wheel. NEVER has he actually stood up to anyone “toe to toe”. He runs to the hauler, or he hides behind officials, or his team, or he just doesnt get out of the car at all. The fact that he didnt even fight back speaks volumes to the real Kyle Busch, the total wuss with a big mouth.

    I think Kyle is in bigger trouble now. Everyone that has a beef with Busch, is going to instigate him, knowing he is going to back down like the punk he is. Do you think Carl Edwards would get beat up without fighting back? How about Harvick? Newman? Stewart? You get the point. Every driver that has the nads to actually get physical (if it comes to that) now owns Kyle Busch. They are all going to be able to get into his head, and when the opportunity arises, and it will, they know they can pound the daylights out of him. Heck, Joey Logano stood toe to toe with Newman, lol, all Kyle Busch has ever done is take cheap shots in the media, talk big behind the wheel, and run and hide after the race…

    • Right on the money. Me thinks one’s marketability starts sliding when they are shown to be just a mouthy chicken****. Oh, as for Junior, I meant he was challenging to the final lap. It was the guy at Indy who led, crashed, yet still finished second. My bad.

  3. Schrub has a history of not owning his actions on and off the track.The poor thing did nothing to deserve this (tongue firmly planted in cheek) What I can”t understand is how this hasn’t happened long before this like after his chickensh*t move at Darlington.

  4. I don’t think Kyle has (or even wants to) learn anything except altercations = publicity which = money for Nascar and Kyle.

  5. Richard may have been wrong for what he did, but i think Kyle Bush is very lucky guy, Richard Childress quite throwing punches after three. Ha Ha, Just maybe Kyle will learn something from this. “You can bet Spencer is loving this.”

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