Richard Childress Should Have Been Suspended For Assaulting Kyle Busch

On Saturday, Richard Childress approached Kyle Busch after the Camping World Truck Series race, put him in a head lock and punched him several times. Monday, NASCAR announced that they have fined Childress $150,000, plus putting him on NASCAR probation until the end of the year.

[media-credit name=”CIA Stock Photo” align=”alignright” width=”246″][/media-credit]Now let’s think about this: if you’d done that to somebody, you could have been charged with assault and faced consequences under the law, which would most likely include jail time. Though for Childress, all he has to do is pay for a fine with money we know he has and stay out of trouble for the rest of the year.  Does this sound fair? No, I don’t believe it does and that’s why I still say that despite everything involved, Childress should’ve been suspended for at least one race.

Anybody recall when Tony Stewart punched a reporter? They fined him and sent him to anger management classes.
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Anybody recall when Jimmy Spencer punched Kurt Busch? They suspended him for a race.

So how is it that because Richard Childress is an owner that he gets different treatment?

Now, there are those that say that Kyle Busch did indeed have it coming after what has transpired past couple of months. At Darlington, it was Busch who destroyed both Clint Bowyer’s and Kevin Harvick’s car, though Harvick had it coming with how he was racing Busch, some would say. This past weekend at Kansas, Busch got into Joey Coulter after the completion of the Camping World Truck Series race.

As a result, Childress figured he should take matters into his own hands. Now, anybody in life who does this knows they’ll face consequences and not light ones, yet it seems that’s how NASCAR has played the card for Childress. Instead of punching him, would it not been better to talk things out peacefully so they can get this behind them and move forward?

As far as what Busch did, he got fined the right measures back at Darlington for what he did on pit road to Harvick and is serving the probation as he should. Whether the contact after the race should’ve gathered more punishment towards Busch, that would be wrong to do. NASCAR said penalties for contact back at Darlington was because of what transpired on pit road after the race, not for what happened on track. Wouldn’t they be going back on their word if they fined Busch?

Busch has crossed the line, no doubt, many times, but in this case he is the victim of someone who can’t control their anger about their drivers being involved incidents.

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  1. I agree 100% with what RC did, it needed to happen, but your dead wrong with suspending him and NASCAR handled it correctly.

    You could argue that NASCAR should have put KyB on probation for the rest of the year.

    As a fan you knew this day was coming, that KyB would pi** someone off and anger them enough that he’d end up getting punched. Always like his brother, thought it would be a driver, and not an owner.

    KyB has talent, but he just like those a-holes we deal with in our daily travels on the road. The guy takes way to many chances racing. In Cup they don’t back down to him, but in the Camping World and Nationwide they do and let him off the hook.

    I just hope what RC did rubs off on all the other Owners/Drivers in both the Camping World and Nationwide Series’s. When they race KyB, don’t back down, don’t worry about the points, and stop letting him off the hook.

    Let him wreck himself, perhaps it just might make him respect you more, and it’ll knock that chip off of his shoulder.

  2. To be fair, I’ve been a Nascar fan for roughly twenty years and am currently studying journalism/broadcasting just to get into the Nascar media. I’m not a Kyle Busch fan at all, but it amazes me that you people think it’s okay for someone to haul off and punch someone else in the face and physically assault them. These are different times. If it happened to your favorite drivers, you would all be crying and screaming. What’s even more astounding is that your biases are so apparent that you people are resorting to attacking the writer of this article and her credentials just because you disagree with her opinion. Congratulations. That shows a lot of class. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. It’s easy to see how much you all know about the “real world” treating others like that.

  3. KB is a candy a**. RC is a real man. RC handed KB’s candied a** to him. KB deserved it. NASCAR’s breed today are pansies that embarass the history of its real men –like Bobby Hamilton, Davey, Bobby, & Donnie Allison, Dale Earnhardt, Cale Yarborough, Ricky Rudd, et al.

    How we long for the past. The stock cars actually looked like stock cars. The drivers talked like we do. And, they didn’t put up with bs on or off the track.

  4. Kyle Busch is fully responsible for this mess. How you asked? Well, he’s on probation for the Darlington Mess with Richard’s Cars/Drivers. Did Nascar not tell Kyle when he was put on probation to avoid Richard’s Cars/Trucks/Drivers at all costs? Yet, Busch bumped Richard’s Truck after the truck race making the truck very loose. Look at the replays of the bump. It’s way more than a donut on the door bump. Richard had already warned Kyle to quit tearing up his equipment so it was not like he hadn’t be warned. And, I agree with other commets too. Does anybody know what Kyle said to Richard when the incident occurred? I haven’t heard anything for sure but folks I do know that Kyle is a very arrogant punk kid and anybody can be pushed over the edge if the wrong thing is said to them and Kyle could have very well have done that with Richard. And, I am tired of these ignorant people saying it was owner against driver. Dead wrong. Kyle is the owner of the truck so it was owner against owner/driver. Again, this was caused by a owner/driver on probation who bumped another truck after the race and probably smarted off to Richard when he was approached. Bottom line, this would have never have happened without Kyle who is on probation bumping Richard’s Truck. My question is, how in the world does Nascar and other people blame Richard when it’s very clear with video tape evidence to show Kyle bumping Richard’s Truck? One of the worst decisions Nascar has ever made. No way Kyle is innocent in this deal.

  5. As I recall, Childress gave Kyle fair warning not to mess up his cars a long time ago. So he already tried talking peacefully to the dork, but as you see, it sure didn’t work. Busch had it coming anyways.

  6. After reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashley submitted this article, changed into her Kyle Busch nightshirt and went to sleep in her Kyle Busch sheets with her head resting on her Kyle Busch pillowcase, dreaming about the celebration when, uh, you know who wins the Sprint Cup Championship.

    • Thanks for the laugh. Let me add she drank some warm milk in her M&M coffeee mug and nibbled on a few M&M cookies.

  7. Anyone who would write an opinion such as this doesn’t really know anything about racing in general and Nascar racing in particular. Also what purpose would a suspension serve in this case? I’m sure that what has went on in the past had a bearing on Childress’s action but I think he is to be commended for standing up for his driver especially this driver who is a newcomer and by the same token Busch needs to learn he can’t just run over anyone he pleases without some consequences, maybe this will give him the attitude adjustment that he so desparately needs.

    • Obviously, Ashley, you are still in college and have not been out in the REAL world fending for yourself. Richard Childress has. He knows that if you don’t stand up for yourself, no one is going to do it for you. A man can only take so much BS from a little punk like Kyle before he takes up for himslef. You have no idea what kind of trash talk Kyle spewed before Richard took him under his wing, so to speak and taught him to be more respectful of his elders.


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