Childress Pleads the Fifth at Pocono

Richard Childress made a brief statement but would not take questions at the Pocono Raceway Friday morning. A press release had indicated that Childress would take “Q&A” at 10 AM at the hauler of his No. 31 team. However, shortly after Childress arrived at the hauler the public relations staff came and asked what we were doing there to a bevy of laughter. He said, “Richard will make a brief statement but will not take any questions.

[media-credit id=18 align=”alignright” width=”202″][/media-credit]Childress appeared a few moments later and was very candid but the one thing that was missing was an apology. Childress basically said he was very passionate about his race teams. Childress said, “Here is the deal. I am going to make one statement on this deal. I appreciate everyone’s patience during the last week when I couldn’t talk to everyone. The main thing is I take all the responsibility for my actions last week. I am very passionate about this sport. I am passionate about my race teams, our fans and I let my emotions get…come in front of my passion. But that is behind us.”

Busch said in the media center that it was a “congratulatory bump”. He also said he’s an owner and he understands how passionate it can be. He also said that he was “racing for fifth, in the truck series.”  Busch’s conference was very interesting, if you get a chance review the entire thing here on Speedway Media.
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Childress said about the fine, “We had a lot of fans to send in donations last week toward our fine, I am going to pay it personally. All that money that has been sent in, that is still coming in, we’re going to take and donate to the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma.  At least in every bad situation, something good will come out of it.”

I think its over, but it has certainly been entertaining.

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