John Gibson Staying Busy While Preparing For Racing Return

STATESVILLE, North Carolina (June 27, 2011) – – While John Gibson and Gibson Motorsports are patiently waiting on their 2011 ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards plans to materialize, the former USARacing Pro Cup Series star has had quite the month.

In addition to his duties of trying to further his racing career, Gibson also started a new full-time job while also attended a military conference for his marketing partner

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Gibson traveled to Virginia Beach earlier this month where was hosting the latest in shock mitigation during the Multi-Agency Craft Conference (MACC). Gibson is a former employee of but was well respected enough to be asked to speak during the conference about the latest opportunities available within the company to the Armed Forces.

“I cannot begin to describe what it means to me to be asked by Rick and Barb McKinney of MitiGator to attend the MACC conference and speaking on their behalf,” said Gibson, a former International Karting Federation (IKF) champion. “I have to thank Ben Burchett who fielded the question and answer session after I was done speaking. He really knows his stuff and there wasn’t a question that was left unanswered.

MitiGator has not only been great to me on a racing level but on a personal level as well. The conference was a big deal and I was just glad to be a part of it.”

Gibson continued to express how MitiGator is so much more than a former employer, and a marketing partner but always a member of the Gibson Motorsports family.

“The folks at MitiGator are more than a sponsor, they are family to us. In 2010, there was more than one occasion where we would not have been at the race track without the help they provided. I know of one instance where a week before the summer event at South Boston. We were pretty much planning on not going, but on Monday before the race they called us up and said they wanted to see our team there and asked what we needed to be there. I am very proud when we are able to show up at the track and represent their company on our car. Ever since they came on-board as a sponsor our program has only gotten better. In 2010 they saw us have our best year yet and I knew that our team’s first win was just around the corner. I can’t wait until we can get break into the ARCA series and bring MitiGator along with us!” sounded Gibson.

Following the conference, Gibson and his brother Steven, a recent High School graduate where the two took a mini-vacation to Canada. The trip was a graduation gift for his younger brother.

“I’m really proud of my brother,” Gibson offered. “The opportunity for us to cross over to the border to Canada and enjoy some rest and relaxation is something that we don’t get to do very often.”

Upon his return from vacation, Gibson will hunker down back to his normal duties while also surging ahead to his 2011 racing season where the team is still hopeful to make an entrance into the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards later this year.

“We’re still eyeing a couple races in ARCA,” Gibson sounded. “Sponsorship is incredibly tough these days but we’re doing everything we can to make it a reality. We still have the USARacing Pro Cup Series equipment for sale, so once that’s all gone; we can really take a major step towards the team’s advancement.”

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