Mike Harmon Racing And IPT Pellet Grills Team Up For Daytona

Harmon, independent owner/racer and long time veteran of NASCAR’s Nationwide Series announced today that he has teamed up with Troy Welker and IPT Pellet Grills of Kennesaw, Georgia for the upcoming race at Daytona on July 1st.

“I’m real happy for this opportunity to work with Troy and IPT Pellet Grills which allows us to run the entire race at Daytona.” Harmon said. “We missed the 1st race this year and we didn’t have enough sponsorship to run the entire race at Talladega and that was really disheartening to miss racing at 2 of my favorite tracks so I really appreciate Troy stepping up and helping us out. He understands that and has done what he said he would do. That’s the kind of people I like to surround myself with and we share the same type of values. For those who will be around the garage area they can see this grill at my hauler. It is fantastic.”  

Welker offered this, “I am proud to be a part of this effort with Mike. I met Mike just prior to Talladega last April and having been a police officer for many years and a pretty good judge of character I saw a lot of qualities in Mike that I admire and share. I like his work ethic mixed with old school ways, but more importantly I like his honesty. He’s a stand up guy and a truly genuine guy who has a passion for what he is doing. I respect that. We’re together for this race, rain or shine, and I’ll do the best I can for him and he’ll do the same for me. I believe he deserves the same opportunities to be racing as anyone else and this is a great demographic for IPT Pellet Grills.”  

American Muscle

IPT Pellet Grills will very soon become the way of the future in barbecuing. Other pellet grills exist but IPT Pellet Grills are unique with many extras. They use various flavored wood pellets whether it be apple, mesquite, oak, pecan or hickory that are 99% consumed during the cooking process. An electric motor turns on the auger, another turns on the igniter and a fan starts the combustion of the wood pellets resulting in open flame wood grilling. A preset thermometer maintains the temperature while the fan turns the whole process in to a convection oven providing even cooking throughout while keeping all meats, fruits and vegetables moist and tender. A heat shield on the top provides safety and a grease tray eliminates fire flare ups. The grill does all the work, one or two turns will yield delicious food with real wood flavor prepared by an environmentally safe and friendly “green” machine.

IPT Pellet Grills are sold online through their website at www.iptpelletgrills.com however dealerships are being set up currently. Be sure to check out this amazing cutting edge eco-friendly way to enjoy delicious food. For questions or further information call 1-877-693-2518.

And for more information or contact information on Mike Harmon check out his new website at www.mikeharmonracing.com

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