Ford Daytona Nationwide Quotes

Ford Finishing Order:

14th – Carl Edwards

22nd – Trevor Bayne
American Muscle

23rd – Timmy Hill

24th – Josh Wise

27th – Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

36th – Jennifer Jo Cobb

CARL EDWARDS – No. 60 Subway Ford Mustang – “It would have been a good race to win for Subway. We led a bunch of it, but we had trouble at the end. Guys were wrecking and then saving it. I kept thinking there was gonna be a caution or a big wreck and they waited until right before the start-finish line to wreck, so we couldn’t take advantage of that. Jamie and I were both of the mindset that if we could finish the race in one piece, we’d have a chance to win it and I still felt like we could do that, but we just didn’t get that wreck that we thought was gonna happen before the very end.”

TREVOR BAYNE – No. 16 Ford Mustang – “That’s not at all like we planned. It was good for a long time and we were being patient all day riding around in the back just waiting to go at the end to stay out of the wrecks. With seven to go or six to go everybody got way too anxious and we were trying to ride, but somehow they squeezed us and Ricky got loose and got the left-front fender really bad. I couldn’t get off of him in time, but he did a good job of saving it and then after that it just killed his car. When you’re the odd man out and you don’t have a partner, you’re in trouble. The finish doesn’t show what our cars had. They were really, really good. Those Mustangs were stout all night, I just wish we had better results for it.”

RICKY STENHOUSE JR. – No. 6 Ford Mustang – “We were doing exactly what we wanted to there. I don’t know, somehow the 01 car got underneath Trevor going down the back straightaway and kind of got us broken apart there. He was under the yellow line, so I’m not sure how he got there, but that’s what got us behind. Then on that one restart the 18 checked up a lot and kind of messed us up a little bit, but it wasn’t too bad. We had a plan and I don’t know what happened. He was pushing me through the tri-oval and we got really sideways. The left-front caught the right-rear of somebody else and it just tore the left-front up and then just got tight after that. It was a frustrating end to it, but we have really fast race cars. We just have to do a better job at putting ourselves in a better position to win at the end.” YOU HAVE TO BOUNCE BACK FROM THIS FROM A POINTS PERSPECTIVE. “Yeah, we’ve got to bounce back for sure. We took a hit last week even finishing eighth, more than what we wanted to. We knew this was a crapshoot. You can’t ever tell what’s gonna happen here. We were hoping to come out on the good end of the deal, but we didn’t. The good thing is we’re going to Kentucky next week and we’ve got Blackwell Angus Beef back on the car and we should be really strong. Hopefully, by the next road course race we can have the points lead and try to pull away from there.”

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