Ford New Hampshire NNS Post Race Quotes

RICKY STENHOUSE JR., No. 6 Fenway Park 110 Years Ford Mustang (Finished 4th)

“I made a mistake there early trying to get by the 31. He was holding everybody up and I tried to push the issue too hard. We got in there and got too tight and spun the car around there. It was a great day and a great call by Mike getting us track position. Having enough fuel to go to the end was good. This Red Sox, Fenway Park 100 year’s edition is a cool looking car and I wish we could have gotten it into victory lane.”

TREVOR BAYNE, No. 16 NESN Ford Mustang (13th)
American Muscle

“We cost ourselves the win today. We had a really fast race car with track position. Our pit stop, we lost a couple spots which wasn’t bad, they did a good job. We had the car a little too tight for the end but we made a run out of it. We got to third coming out of two and I just talked to Harvick and he said he got loose and it really used us up. That cost us. It put us back in the pack. We were going to be third right there and that just cost us there. That put us back in the pack. We were way faster than the two guys in front of us. That cost us bad. I don’t know. You race all you can and hopefully we can come away with one of these wins soon because we are fast enough now and we are figuring it out.”



RICKY STENHOUSE JR. — “It was cool, especially listening to all the fans out there. We wanted to win for them. I just suck on restarts. Hopefully I can go to work on those and get those better. We had a decent car. I think track position meant a lot. It was tough to pass and we saw that early. I made a mistake early but that allowed us to come pit one stop before everybody else and got us the track position we needed. It was really cool racing for them; I just wish we could have been a little bit better for them.”

CARL EDWARDS, No. 60 Fastenal Ford Mustang – WHAT HAPPENED? “Jack just said it is a broken valve or broken valve spring. Trevor is doing us proud out there right now. At least while we are stuck in here he is out there leading the race. It would be great to get a win for Ford Mustang and Roush Fenway racing here at New Hampshire. Our Fastenal LENOX Mustang was fast. We took two tires which was the wrong call I think, but Trevor took two and he is doing really well with it, but we were having trouble with it. Something just broke. I don’t think Trevor and those guys have anything to worry about. We rarely have engine failure; hopefully it will be a good day for them”

IS THIS SIMILAR TO WHAT HAPPENED IN YOUR CUP CAR AT POCONO? JUST A FREAKY BUSTED PART? “We will find out here in a minute. You don’t really know until you get it apart but I did shut if off really early so we should be to troubleshoot and look at it to see what was actually broken.”

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