Ford Richmond NNS Post Race (Stenhouse, Edwards, Bayne)


Virginia 529 College Savings 250 (NNS Post Race)

September 9, 2011
American Muscle

Richmond International Raceway

Ford Finishing Results:

2nd Carl Edwards

3rd Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

17th Timmy Hill

28th Trevor Bayne

35th Matt Carter

37th Carl Long

Carl Edwards, No. 60 Fastenal/Honoring Our Heroes Ford (Finished 2nd)

“We had a little trouble with the right front tire. Something in the fender wall. My guys are the best pit crew on pit road. They put me out front and it is just racing but man, this Fastenal Mustang was so good. I have to thank Ricky. He didn’t hold me up when I was coming there at the end. He let me at least have a shot at Kyle. Those guys earned it. They got faster all night. We had a little bit of trouble. It is like our car went away just a little bit.”

HOW GOOD WAS IT DURING THAT STRETCH THOUGH? “It was pretty good. I enjoyed that. I really had a good time. I have to thank Fastenal for them putting the Stiller Foundation on the car. What that does it it atones for quadriplegic folks that get hurt in battle over there. We have John Peck on the deck lid and we wanted to get this trophy really bad for you John. We gave it our best effort in your honor. Second place is nothing to be ashamed of. This car was so fast though; I wish we had one more caution to get a shot at them. Kyle did a really good job and we were racing clean and it was a really good night of racing.”

Ricky Stenhouse Jr., No. 6 Fastenal/Honoring Our Heroes Ford (Finished 3rd)

“I felt like we had a little bit for Kyle there at the end. We started off really good and we were running him down but we just lost forward grip. We weren’t near as good as I think we have been in the past but we have Flight 93 on here and we want to remember all those in 9/11. It was a tragic day and I am glad we still have our freedom to come out here and race. It was a tough battle but I am really glad Nationwide is doing this Dash for Cash because it pays pretty good.”

Trevor Bayne, No. 16 Fastenal/Honoring Our Heroes Ford

“It is pretty stupid really because we had a fast car all day just like last week and we had a terrible pit stop put us back in the field where we shouldn’t be. I catch the 33 and the 2, three-tenths of a lap I run them down on the straight away. The 33 let the 2 go and then pulled down and started blocking me, I guess because the 2 is running for a championship or whatever but the 33 was blocking me and I was way faster and trying to race him clean. He catches the 38, who must have been mad at him; I don’t know what was going on. The 38 tried to wreck him and he stopped in front of me and crushed our hood. Then he chopped me again off the corner and checked up and it got him sideways and he just wrecked us. I don’t understand what the deal is or why he would race like that. Harvick is normally a way better racer than that. It is just frustrating when people do stuff like that and it is intentional. He let the 2 car go and intentionally blocked us to keep me from passing them both. It is frustrating when we had that good of a car and had that good of a day.”

DO YOU HAVE A HISTORY WITH HIM? “No, not at all. He has been a big help to me. Harvick has been great for me and that is why I don’t understand what went on tonight and why that had to happen.”

ARE YOU AWARE HARVICK AND LEFFLER HAD AN INCIDENT EARLIER? “Yeah, my spotter told me to watch out for those guys because they would be wrecking each other. I am more frustrated by the fact that he was blocking us. He can’t help what the 38 does but I hate that we got collected in it and then he wrecked us just intentionally down the back stretch after coming up in front of us and we got him sideways and he decided to turn left. Pretty frustrating.”

WILL YOU ASK HIM ABOUT IT? “Yeah, I will talk to him about it.”

DO YOU THINK HE WAS BLOCKING FOR SADLER? “Yeah, that is exactly what it is. He wants the 2 to win a championship but the 6 car is going to wear him out anyway hopefully. It is frustrating when people race like that when I am not even in points contention. I am out there just racing trying to win.”

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