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Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011

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Sylvania 300
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New Hampshire Motor Speedway

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

KEYS FOR SUCCESS: Sylvania 300

LOUDON, N.H., (Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011) – Each race weekend, selected Dodge Motorsports engineers, Penske Racing engineers and crew chiefs, drivers or engine specialists give their insight on the ‘Keys for Success’ for the upcoming race. This week, Howard Comstock, Dodge Motorsports engineering – provides the keys for Sunday’s Sprint Cup race.

Track: New Hampshire Motor Speedway (Race 28 of 36 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series)

Race: Sylvania 300 (300 laps / 317.4 miles)

Trivia Question: Who was the most recent Dodge driver to win at New Hampshire Motor Speedway? (Answer Below)

HOWARD COMSTOCK (Dodge Motorsports)

Track Position: “Numbers one, two and three will be track position. We’ve seen here over the years in the summer race that getting and keeping track position is going to be key to winning this race. I think that tires seem to be less of an issue in the July race and I think a lot of teams learned that. I would look for plenty of teams to try two-tire stops early in the race on Sunday and for sure late in the race. I think they may try it early to get that track position and put themselves back where they need to be so they can run the rest of the race closer to the front of the pack. Then at the end, if there’s a late caution, two tires or no tires is going to be the call I can just about guarantee it.”

Brakes and Handling: “If the car won’t turn drivers tend to use the brakes to make the car turn and that ends up being a strain on the brakes. Now the brake packages are good enough anymore that we’ve not seen too much brake trouble here at Loudon. We used to see plenty of brake trouble here at Loudon but teams have figured out how to make these cars turn better and they’re making more downforce now and so I think that the brake package should be good for all but a few that are really struggling.”

Fuel Mileage: “Fuel economy is always important but it may be really important, depending on when that last caution falls. We’ve seen fewer cautions overall in every race this year. You can go back and look at the statistics to prove that out but fuel economy may be important depending on when that last caution falls.”

Trivia Question Answer: Kurt Busch, who won the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 on June 29, 2008.

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