43 to 1 Points System Would Be Perfect Without A Chase

Brian France got something right for once this off season by implementing the 43 to 1 points system, but the system itself would be absolutely perfect if there were no dang Chase format. I have said it time and time again. NASCAR should not have a playoff system. Yes, NASCAR is a sport, but it’s a different type of athleticism. One person even asked me, “Why isn’t Major League Baseball using a Chase system?” Uhh…what? How would that work in baseball? The team with the most wins gets to skip a round in the playoffs? That sounds silly to me. And speaking of best teams…how far did the Phillies go in the playoffs? Yeah…they got knocked out of the first freaking round by the St. Louis Cardinals. Nope, no Chase system in baseball.

[media-credit name=”(c) CIA Stock Photo” align=”alignright” width=”246″][/media-credit]But think about it guys. Is it fair that we re-seed the points based off wins? The fans have been complaining time and time again that the Chase system only benefits Johnson. Well…you need to do some recalculating of the old system in order to figure out something is way different this year than in previous years. Jimmie Johnson had only won 1 race before the Chase begun. Heck, Johnson had won more races during his rookie season during this time and yet under the old system, Johnson is the points leader. The link that used to show the old points system got taken down, so I took it upon myself to figure it all out. I only calculated the top 30 cars since only 30 cars this season have participated in all of this seasons races thus far. Well, let’s take a look at how the season looks under the old system.

Following last week’s win, Jimmie Johnson has taken the lead in the points standings. Oh, crud….now the 48 haters want the Chase…just for this season though :P

American Muscle

NASCAR is becoming too politically correct. Who cares if the other drivers aren’t having a ‘fair’ chance at the championship. If they lose, they freaking lose! If they win, then they get the dang trophy at the end of the season. Do you remember those days when you played little league baseball or some other sport? For example, you got ice cream if you won the game, but if you lost you got absolutely nothing. Well in this case…we are trying to give everyone a fair share so they don’t look like losers in the points standings. Brian France said he wanted to create more, “Game 7 moments for NASCAR.” Uhm…excuse me Mr. France, but there is no such thing as a Game 7 in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

Who cares if Johnson and Edwards are the only cars technically in the championship? They have been the two best cars this season, so that’s the way that it will be.

This is what the standings really look like as we head to Charlotte. Johnson going for his third title and Edwards going for his second.

1.Jimmie Johnson LEADER
2.Carl Edwards – 5
3.Kyle Busch -22
4.Kevin Harvick -26
5.Matt Kenseth -42
6.Jeff Gordon -64
7.Kurt Busch -70
8.Tony Stewart -111
9.Ryan Newman -115
10.Brad Keselowski -131
11.Dale Earnhardt Jr. – 142
12.Clint Bowyer – 193

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  1. Removing the Chase also allows a team outside the top 10 to get back in the Top 10. No way should a team be stuck in 13th place without being able to improve on that. So many things wrong with the Chase but France seems to be the only one that doesn’t see it.

  2. Amen, Brother! I will always consider Jimmie Johnson’s “championships” with an asterisk after them. You are correct that Johnson would be going for his third, Edwards and Harvick their second, and Gordon shooting for number seven! While neither of these drivers are my favorites, I just have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong…and that stupid chase system is just plain, flat-out WRONG!

  3. Hey Ryan, good article. I’m from Prescott, Arizona too. I would like to see a new champion this year and since Johnson, Edwards, and Harvick technically all have championships under the old way…maybe we see Kyle?

  4. I can’t agree with you more on this one. While, I’m a Jeff Gordon fan, he does have a better chance right now of winning under the Chase than the old system but that simply isn’t fair.

    Jimmie Johnson has been the most consistent all season as seen from your calculations. Having the most wins doesn’t necessarily mean consistency.

    Remember 1996? Gordon won 10 races, Terry Labonte won just 2…who won the title that year? Not Gordon.

    And I also love how Denny Hamlin is not even in the Top 12 :P

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