Something is fishy at RCR and it’s not even the team orders; Burton should be the one let go!

Trimming down a race team from four cars to three cars has now taken it’s second and possibly final trip with Richard Childress Racing. At the end of 2009, it was Casey Mears who was given the pink slip after just one season behind the wheel. Now, as we are in 2011, it was time for Richard to let Clint Bowyer go, but was Bowyer the correct choice in letting go? I can think of one driver in particular that ought to leave RCR.

[media-credit id=26 align=”alignright” width=”218″][/media-credit]Jeff Burton. Come on, Richard. This is a guy that is in his mid 40’s now and he simply isn’t up to par anymore. This year Burton has only managed to finish in the top-10 one time at Michigan and his team used fuel strategy to get that finish.

I have split the standings into different sections. There are 30 drivers this season who have run the entire schedule thus far.
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Seven of those 30 drivers have accumulated 1,000 points or more this season they include: Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, Kurt Busch, and Jeff Gordon. As you can see here… one of RCR’s four cars is in the “awesome” list, so you can’t get rid of Harvick.

Four drivers have 900-999 points. They include: Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman, Brad Keselowski, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.  No RCR cars in the “Approaching The Awesome List.”

Now, we have the drivers from 800-899. I call these guys the “Up And Comers List.” These guys include: Clint Bowyer, A.J. Allmendinger, Denny Hamlin, Kasey Kahne, Greg Biffle, David Ragan, Marcos Ambrose, Juan Montoya, Mark Martin, and Paul Menard. Ah, there is Menard….but RCR can’t let him go. Why?? His daddy is rich and sponsors him. If he dumps Menard, Richard will have sponsorship issues and that stinks.

Unfortunately from 700-799 are the snoozers this season. And notice how Burton has not appeared thus far. I will give Truex and Logano the benefit of the doubt for being at 790 and 791 respectively, but to be this far down at this point in the season is just unsatisfactory. These guys include: Logano, Truex, Burton, Vickers, Smith, McMurray, Reutimann, Labonte, and Gilliland.

Jeff Burton (761 accumulated points) or Bowyer (868 accumulated points). Who really is the one that should have left RCR at the end of the season? Burton is 317 points behind championship leader Carl Edwards (1078) and second place Kyle Busch (1063).

And heck this is the 43 to 1 points system! Can you imagine what the number would be with the old system in place?

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  1. This article is sad. Who should be let go ?? Nobody should be let go, how is that. RC had the opportunity to keep Clint he just didn’t want to pay him. 5 hour energy came to Clint and then Clint went to RC to try to work it out is how we heard it went down. Jeff Burton is having one bad season, how quickly you forget this man, driver, NASCAR’s mayor, is a gentleman on and off the track. Dale Earnhart himself hand picked Jeff Burton before his passing. Mr. OHARA, this article needs to be rewritten and should be titled , Sad to see a friend in Clint go, as NASCAR to is a Business. Jeff Burton also brings his own sponsors and fan base, and helped rebuild RCR, this year was just a bit off….

  2. I’m not going to say that Burton is to old but what I will say is Burton is a team player and Bowyer is not. Burton dosen’t mind not being the premier driver for RCR Bowyer thanks it should be him. Catch what I’m saying?????????


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