Ford Michigan 1 Post Race Quotes

Ford Racing NSCS Notes & Quotes:

Quicken Loans 400 (Michigan International Speedway)

NSCS Post Race (June 17, 2012)
American Muscle

MARCOS AMBROSE, No. 9 Stanley Ford Fusion (Finished 9th)

“We will take the top-10 but we had a great car today and we lost a little bit of track position and it hurt us there. I am proud of my Stanley team. We led some laps and looked good up there. It was a strong day for us, not quite what we wanted, but we will take it and move along to Sonoma.”

CARL EDWARDS, No. 99 Fastenal Ford (Finished 11th)

“I am not very happy with the end result. I thought our Fastenal Fusion was one of the fastest cars here. We were just too loose all day. I am talking loose. That is as hard as I can drive and Bob and I just didn’t pick the right set up for the race. We didn’t expect it to be that loose. It wasn’t a terrible day for some of the fighting and wiggling we were doing out there. It was crazy and I am glad we finished in one piece and got a decent day.”

GREG BIFFLE, No. 16 3M/Salute Ford Fusion (Finished 4th)

“I am a little disappointed because we couldn’t run the car as hard as we needed to. The right rear kept coming apart on us. I could only run it as hard as I could. I am really excited for Junior. What a great day for him to win on. There has been a lot of pressure on him and I am glad he won.”

MATT KENSETH, No. 17 Ford EcoBoost Ford Fusion (Finished 3rd)

“It was kind of a long day. We were pretty good in the beginning of the race and got shuffled back and it was tough to work traffic today. They got the setup good on the last two runs and had good pit stops and we were able to stand on the gas and work our way up there to third.”

TREVOR BAYNE, No. 21 Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Fusion

TOUGH DAY FOR YOU, WHAT HAPPENED? “I didn’t even get to break a sweat. It seems like nothing like this happens on a day you are running bad. As soon as you have a fast race car and feel like you are in the hunt, something comes up. I feel like we were okay and hanging in there and running top-10 so it is pretty disheartening. It is tough when you have a day like t his. I know these guys work so hard on the engine program at Ford and I don’t know what happened here. I know we put some extra miles and extra heat cycles on it yesterday. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Maybe we would have just expired later in the race. It is tough. I hate it for my guys because it isn’t like we are here every weekend and we want to make the best of every weekend that we can. At least we were running top-10 when it happened. It is a tough day for us. I wish we were out there making laps and getting better and getting experience and running up front.”

JOSH WISE, No. 26 MDS Transport Ford Fusion

WHAT HAPPENED “I have no idea what it was yet. Something went through the pan and that is all we know right now. It was a pretty big boom. It is a bummer. This motor we have run it quite a bit so it is not like it is a new motor that is blowing up or anything.”

DID THE EXTRA PRACTICE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT? “No, I don’t think so. Obviously we would have run a few more laps today if we hadn’t practiced yesterday but I don’t think that had much to do with it. I am sure they will get it apart and see what caused it.”

IS IT AS CRAZY OUT THERE AS GUYS THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE? “Yeah, there are just a lot of unknowns. A lot of the cars aren’t really balanced for this tire. We only got a pretty small amount of time yesterday to adjust our cars and then with the rain all morning there is no rubber on the track and it is really slick out there.”

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  1. Where is the transcript from Matt Kenseth’s post race media interview??? He finished 3rd and is leading the points and all we get is one little paragraph??? Something is WRONG with this picture!


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