Notes from TNT NASCAR Summer Series – Quicken Loans 400

Notes from TNT NASCAR Summer Series – Quicken Loans 400 from Michigan International Speedway

Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Dale Jr. Returns to victory lane

TNT offers perspective about 200+ mph

Countdown to Green Adam Alexander (host), Larry McReynolds (analyst) and Kyle Petty (analyst)

Petty on pit road at Michigan International Speedway: “We talked to Carl Edwards and Carl said, ‘The race track at this speed does not drive like a two-mile race track. It drives like a smaller race track.’ They’re going to have to be really careful coming into pit road.”

Dallenbach on the mentality of driving 200 mph at Michigan International Speedway: “This is a perfect race track to do that [drive 200 mph]. As far as the speeds go, I love seeing it. It’s definitely going to be a fun place to race today.”

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski on his Father: “He’s the biggest inspiration on my career.”

Petty on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s NASCAR season: “Jr. has had the most solid year that I’ve seen him have probably in 8-10 years. Mentally, he’s on top of his game.”

Petty on Jeff Gordon: “Jeff is capable of winning races. I don’t think he ever doubts his ability.”

Petty on the Henry Ford Museum: “There is so much American history there. It is absolutely one of the coolest museums I’ve ever seen.”

McReynolds on Joey Logano: “With new energy coming in there…Joey Logano has proven he can drive a race car.”

Petty on Fathers watching a son race and enjoy success: “Watching your kid drive a race car or doing something you love to do, we’re a part of, and love so much is incredible.”

From this week’s “NASCAR Generations” segment:

Bill Elliott on watching his son, Chase, win races and whether it means more watching his son win compared to his own performance: “Most definitely. I’m sure every one of us sitting here can say the same thing. [My career] is coming to an end. Whatever I can do for him and help him get going in his direction, that’s what I need to be doing.”

Larry McReynolds on watching his son, Brandon, race and win: “It’s cool when you obtain success. But when your kid does it, it goes beyond anything that you’ve ever accomplished.”

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TNT NASCAR Sprint Cup Quicken Loans 400 Adam Alexander (host), Wally Dallenbach (analyst), Kyle Petty (analyst), pit reporters Chris Neville, Ralph Sheheen, Marty Snider, Matt Yocum

Dallenbach on what it feels like to have a blistering tire: “When a tire blisters, it almost gives you a feeling the tire is rock hard.”

Dallenbach on the pressure of getting out of a car that is on fire (like Denny Hamlin had to do): “It feels like an eternity when you’re trying to get out of a car that’s on fire.”

Petty on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. completing every lap of every race this season to date: “That is an impressive stat.”

Petty on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. this year: “This [breaking his 4-year winless streak] has been building since they left Daytona. I’ve been very impressed with Jr. this year.”

Petty on Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and whether Jr.’s winless streak had bothered him: “I don’t think Jr. has ever really thought about the winless streak.”

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. on TNT’s Inside Trax talking to his crew after winning the Quicken Loans 400: “Good job. I know you guys have been waiting for that one.”

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TNT NASCAR Summer Series – Post-race remarks

TNT’s Marty Snider interviewed the winner of the Quicken Loans 400 – Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Earnhardt, Jr. on winning after 143 starts without a victory: “That was a great race…we just had a really good car. Those last 15 laps were the longest laps ever.”

Earnhardt, Jr. on his fans: “This [win] was for them. We appreciate their loyalty. We wouldn’t have made it back to victory lane without them.”

Jimmie Johnson in post-race interview on his teammate Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: “I couldn’t be more happy for my teammate.”

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