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Thursday, June 28, 2012


Kentucky Speedway
American Muscle

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series

UNOH 225

Post-Race Quotes,,

Brad Keselowski (No. 19 Brad Keselowski’s Checkered Flag Foundation RAM) Finished 2nd YOU HAD A SPIRITED BATTLE IN THE CLOSING LAPS WITH TY DILLON.  “He was doing a good job.  He had a really good truck and I had a pretty good truck but just not good enough to run with James (Buescher).  He has done a phenomenal job over the last few weeks.  He’s really fast and he deserves to win.”

WHAT MORE DID YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO RUN WITH HIM?  WHERE WAS HE GETTING AWAY FROM YOU?  “A little bit everywhere.  We’ve got to work all the way around.  I think I could have done a little better job, the truck could have been a little bit faster and we needed to be a little better on pit road.  Off just a little bit everywhere but this is my fourth race that I’ve run in the Truck series this year and we’ve got one DNF with the wreck and a third and two seconds.  We’re on the cusp on winning.  We just need a little more.”

IT LOOKED LIKE YOU KEPT PLAYING THE TRACK POSITION GAME AND GAINING SPOTS STEADILY THROUGHOUT THE RACE.  “It just kind of came to us. Made some good moves, got close to the front, just not quite close enough.”

YOU SEEMED TO GAIN POSITIONS ON EVERY RESTART.  “That was critical. Caught some breaks but we needed to be a little faster.”


“James (Buescher) was really good and I never really got a shot to race with him there to know if he was way better or just a little better.  Who knows, we might have been the same or better than him. Either way, it was a good fight to get from 17th to second but not quite good enough to get to the win.  We just got to keep working to get the job done but proud of the effort.  Just want that one more spot.”

WHAT WERE THE TRACK CONDITIONS LIKE EARLY?  IT LOOKED LIKE THEY IMPROVED TO WHERE YOU HAD TWO OR THREE GROOVES TO WORK LATER IN THE RACE?  “You know, I thought the track conditions stayed pretty consistent.  I thought they were as good as they could be; thought it was good.  The track’s got two definite grooves and that’s great.  I like that.”

IT LOOKED LIKE YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF THE LONG GREEN FLAG RUN EARLY IN THE RACE.  “I don’t remember that (laughs).  I remember getting good restarts, catching good breaks and having good restarts.  We gained spot through them sections but we did have that one green flag run where we certainly gained a handful of spot.  We really gained a handful of spots every run so I was proud of that.”

WHAT KIND OF A DRIVER IS JAMES BUESCHER?  “Yeah, I think he’s a really good driver.  You can see how he’s matured over the last few years. He’s got a lot of great opportunities to come and I think we’re all interested to see how they’re going to come up for him.  He’s not winning races because he’s a bad driver, that’s for sure.  He deserves some credit.  I know the time that he’s been in NASCAR since 2008, 2009, I’ve certainly seen some progress in him and he’s been showing it this year for sure.”

Parker Kligerman (No. 29 Draw-Tite/Mopar RAM) Finished 19th “At the 100-lap mark, we had that restart with Brad (Keselowski) behind me and he went down low and I went to block him and I missed the shift into third.  So, we got swamped and fell back a little bit. And right when him and the 17 (Timothy Peters) were in front of me, I caught them so quickly, the nose, I hadn’t been behind two trucks all night and the nose popped up and there wasn’t anything I could do to keep it off the wall.  And then from there it was alright.  It was just tight.  We could run with them.  We came in for a pit stop and they left the left-rear lug nuts loose and we had to come back in.  We started in the back and sure enough, two guys got together and we were sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

WHEN CALE GALE SPUN, DID YOU SLIDE INTO THE OUTSIDE WALL?  “I couldn’t break quick enough and I didn’t think he was going to spin so I got back into it because it looked like he saved it but he just lost it. At the end of the day, I should have known.  I did the same thing at Dover with that guy and I should have known just to get away from him and get down low.  My gut reaction was to do that and I didn’t go with my gut.  When you don’t go with your gut, you’re probably wrong.”

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