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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Coke Zero 400

Daytona Int’l Speedway
American Muscle

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

NSCS Race Final Quotes

Dodge PR,,

BRAD KESELOWSKI (No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger R/T) Finished 8TH TALK ABOUT YOUR NIGHT: “Incredible. Sometimes you come to these places and you have no luck and sometimes you come to these places and have luck and don’t run good. We just haven’t had a race here where we’ve run good and had luck. We’re proud to bring this Miller Lite Dodge home to an eight-place finish. It was crazy.”

HOW MUCH DID THE DAMAGE TO YOUR RIGHT-REAR QUARTER PANEL AFFECT THE HANDLING OF YOUR CAR? “That was the first time I’ve ever wrecked standing still. That’s going to happen some times. We got through it. It was just one of those strange nights where you’re sitting behind the wheel and you can’t believe some of the things that are happening around you. I’m proud of my guys. It’s hot. It’s a long weekend. We battled through some adversity tonight and brought home a hard fought finish.”

WHEN YOU SPUN COMING OFF OF TURN 2 YOU LOST A BUNCH OF TRACK POSITION THAT ACUTALLY KEPT YOU OUT OF THE BIG WRECK: “Yep! I don’t know what to say. We were just logging laps with a wounded right-rear quarter panel trying to stay with the leaders. The aero on the car was really messed up. I spun. I came in for tires and then a few laps later the big wreck happens and we’re so far back I was able to check up and miss it. Just crazy.”

HOW DID YOU MISS THE SECOND BIG WRECK ON THE FINAL LAP? “I just drove through it. Nothing that you can do other than listen to your spotter and drive through the smoke. I can’t believe we made it. There was stuff flying everywhere.”

PAUL WOLFE (crew chief, No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge Charger R/T) I’M PRETTY SURE YOU’LL TAKE AN EIGHT-PLACE FINISH TONIGHT: “It was a long, tough night. We had trouble there early with the contact in the pits but continued to fight back. We had to cut the quarter-panel off because it was flapping and that made the car really hard to drive. We lost all the side force and Brad just spun it out on his own. We fired some tires on it, got the track bar down and tried to get the car where he could drive it. Fortunately for us we didn’t get going on that last restart after the first big wreck and found ourselves running in the back and it kept us out of the wreck with all those cars. We made it through that one and had one more shot at it at the end of the race and just fell short. We’ll take it.”


“Right before I was about to do the last segment on my SPEED TV show I got a call from Mike Nelson while I was in the studio and all that I could think about was that he was calling to harass me about my tie. Obviously, that’s not the case. I called Walt Czarnecki and he said that they needed me to come down to Daytona for the race. I had to tell the producer of the show that I had to leave and off I went.”

WHAT WAS THE THRASH LIKE GETTING FROM CHARLOTTE TO DAYTONA IN SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME? “For me it was a lot of waiting around. I’m sure for everyone else it was hectic. We sat there and had no idea what was going to happen from the time that I left Charlotte to when I got to Daytona. All the way up until the plane took off we didn’t know if we were going to make the race in time. I said that I would tell the pilot to fly faster but I’m pretty sure that he was going to have the throttle pinned the whole way down. I actually went and got a sandwich and tried to hydrate as much as I could; I think I drank 18 bottles of water knowing how hot it was down here. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a Shell/Pennzoil car….since 2003 in the Indy car days.

“Once the race started our Shell/Pennzoil Dodge was fast. The first 15 laps or so I just rode around trying to get comfortable in the car. The car felt great and had a lot of speed in it. The Shell/Pennzoil Dodge was really good and I felt good in it. We just cut down a tire and it came apart and tore the car all up. I’m disappointed for the guys. We just needed to stay up there and you never know what can happen at these plate races.”

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