Can No. 88 be magic for Dale Jr?

Magic could be in the air for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. There are several anomalies that are lining up for Earnhardt.

Anomaly #1 -Michigan International Speedway has been a very good track for Earnhardt. Last season he broke a 76 race winless streak at this race. He is in the midst of another losing streak, as he hasn’t won since that day.

Anomaly #2 – Also in Jr’s corner this weekend is the fact that his team runs well here. Many teams say that if you run well at Pocono, you run well at Michigan. Last week Earnhardt ran strong and finished a very respectable third. This track seems to fit Jr’s driving style very well.
American Muscle

Anomaly #3 – It’s Father’s Day. We all know the strong connection Earnhardt Jr has with his Father, the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. If he wins today, it will make 3 times he has won on Father’s Day. Freaky right? (For those who may not know, #3 was made famous by his Father)

Anomaly #4 – This is the 88th race to be held at Michigan International Speedway. If that is not a sign from somewhere, I don’t know what is.

Put all these factors together, and I am definitely adding Dale Jr to my fantasy team. I suggest that you do as well!

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