Tough Break For Jason White At Delaware

Delaware, Ont. June 15, 2013. Car troubles continued to plague Jason White and his #21 Bowers & Wilkins Dodge at Saturday’s EMCO 200. White was hopeful for a comeback after an incident at the hands of another driver soured the first race of the season last month.

During practice, old tires seemed to be the culprit of a subpar performance for the Bowers & Wilkins Dodge. The team regrouped, fitted the vehicle with fresh tires and performed better in qualifying, earning 15th place.

#21 didn’t miss a beat at the start of the contest, and he described the car as “fast, super fast.”
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White fought hard and continued to claw his way to the front of the field.

“Either the car came alive or I did, or both” White said later. “We jumped right in line and quickly moved up.”

However as the race progressed, tensions ran high among the drivers and patience ran low. There was plenty of bumping and grinding among other racecars.

White continued to push forward among the hostile competition, but the car began to slow, alerting him of a problem.

#21 came to a pit road and the crew discovered a broken tie rod in the vehicle. The team did a great job of quickly making the repair and getting White back on the track.

Unfortunately for White, he went seven laps down and they were forced to focus on bringing home the Dodge in one piece.

“It was a tough break,” White said. “The guys worked really hard to fix the problem as quickly as they did. It’s disappointing but we’ll regroup and be back after it next week.”

Jason White will be back in the #21 Bowers & Wilkins Dodge at the next event, Saturday June 22nd at the Speedway at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. To keep up with the latest news about Jason White and the #21 Dodge team check out the team website at and be sure to follow Jason on twitter for the latest updates @racinjasonwhite You can get more information about the NCATS series at

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