Justin Demelo wins OSCAAR Modified feature at Sunset Speedway

The OSCAAR Modifieds would see their fourth different winner of the season as Justin Demelo (No. 82 EMCO Waterworks, CAT Toromont and Demar Aggregates) would pick up his first career OSCAAR Modified feature victory.

Brad Pearsall would drive his No. 1B Performance Signs, Ponderosa Nature Resort, Hosking Race Engine and Performance Improvements Modified to victory lane in the first heat. Brandon Watson would finish second, followed by Barry Newman, Demelo, Chad Strawn and Dave Osbourne.

Gary McLean would drive his No. 8 McLean Industrial Design & Fabrication Ltd and McLean Farms Modified to victory lane in the second heat ahead of Davey Terry, Mike Westwood, Bobby Tolton, Branden Bullen and Ryan Dick.

American Muscle

Saturday night’s feature winner Brent McLean would win the third heat in his No. 7 Home Building Centre (Bowmanville), Pro FX Signs, RN Manufacturing and McLean Farms Modified. Brian McLean would finish second, followed by Shane Stickel, Dean Scott and Ted Patterson.

Justin Demelo would win the fourth heat ahead of Newman, Watson, Strawn, Pearsall and Osbourne.

After halfway through the fifth heat, Bullen would go for a spin. On the restart, Dick would spin Bullen around. Davey Terry would take the win in his No. 14 Wasteco, Castrol, Brennan Haulage and Keeler Electric Modified. Gary McLean would finish second, followed by Westwood, Tolton and Bullen.

Brent McLean would go for the daily double ahead of Brian McLean, Stickel, Patterson and Scott.

Come feature time, it’d be Brent McLean starting pole, followed by Brian McLean, Davey Terry, Gary McLean, Brandon Watson, Shane Stickle, Barry Newman, Justin Demelo, Brad Pearsall, Mike Westwood, Bobby Tolton, Chad Strawn, Ted Patterson, Dean Scott, Branden Bullen, Dave Osbourne and Ryan Dick.

The first caution would fly on lap one for Patterson going around on the backstretch. Meanwhile, Dick would stop on the back straightaway.

On the complete restart, Brian McLean would get sideways, catching Terry, causing Terry to make heavy contact with the inside retaining wall. Gary McLean would also make contact with Terry in the process. Behind them, Bullen and Osbourne would make contact with the wall. The good news is everybody would be okay.

So after the wreck, it’d be Brent McLean leading Brian McLean, Watson, Demelo, Stickle, Pearsall, Westwood, Scott, Tolton, Strawn, Patterson and Bullen.

On the restart, Brent McLean would once again pull ahead while Watson would pass Brian McLean on lap two. Patterson would start to spark as a result of his exhaust  dragging; he would pull behind the wall. The third caution would fly on lap four for Tolton spinning. With 26 laps to go, Brent McLean would lead Watson, Brian McLean, Demelo, Stickle, Newman, Pearsall, Westwood, Strawn, Scott, Bullen and Tolton.

On the restart, Brent McLean would grab the lead ahead of Watson, Demelo and Newman. Demelo would then pass Watson for second on lap 7. On lap 10, the fourth caution would fly for Scott going around in turn four.

On the restart, Brent McLean would get the early advantage over Demelo, however Demelo would get alongside McLean on lap 12. Demelo would clear McLean on lap 13 to take the lead while Newman passed Watson for third. On lap 17, Pearsall would pass Watson for the fourth position. On lap 20, Brian McLean would bring his car down pit road. The caution would fly the next lap for Newman and Pearsall getting together in turn two. Westwood would pull his car off the track, done with mechanical problems.

With 10 laps to go, it’d be Demelo leading Brent McLean, Watson and Stickle.

Justin Demelo would hold on to the lead to take the win ahead of Brent McLean and Brandon Watson. Behind them, there’d be contact made between Stickle, Strawn, Pearsall and Tolton on the last lap in turn four. With that said, Branden Bullen finished fourth followed by Dean Scott.

Brad Pearsall would finish sixth, followed by Bobby Tolton, Chad Strawn, Mike Westwood and Barry Newman.

Gary McLean would finish 11th, followed by Brian McLean, Ted Patterson, Dave Osbourne and Davey Terry. Ryan Dick would be credited with a 16th place finish.

In post-race technical inspection, Dean Scott was disqualified so he drops to the bottom of the running order, moving everybody who finished behind him up a spot.

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