Baker Wins 15th Annual Don Biederman Memorial

Stroud, ON – Dwayne Baker’s (No. 48 Zancor Homes) win on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway followed by a third-place finish Sunday night with the OSCAAR Super Late Models gave him his first career Don Biederman Memorial win.

For the first time in OSCAAR history, the series used 50-lap feature events on back-to-back days to determine the Biederman Memorial winner.

In becoming the 10th different Biederman Memorial winner, Baker earned an additional $1000 prize on top of the usual series payout. The weekend points fund, courtesy South Shore Services, McGunnegil Engine Performance, McColl Racing Enterprises, Stefko Racing Engines, and Sunset Speedway, also awarded an additional $500 to second place finisher Kevin Cornelius (No.17 Halton Crushed Stone) and $400 to third place finisher Brandon Watson (No.9 Shear Metal Products). The sponsorship allowed each driver in the field an additional payout of at least $200.
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Baker’s dream weekend started Saturday afternoon when he earned the Knightworks Design Fastest Qualifier award in time trials with a lap of 13.503 seconds around the 1/3-mile oval and took home a $500 bonus as a result. The strong qualifying run locked the Stayner, Ont. driver in to the front row for Saturday’s feature where he would prove too tough to beat.

Cornelius earned an additional $250 as the second fastest outlaw in attendance, while Shane Gowan took home $100 as the Hard Luck qualifier.

Baker was unstoppable Saturday night, leading all 50 laps from his pole starting position. The veteran pilot was only challenged on a handful of restarts by second-place finisher Cornelius. Despite Cornelius’ best efforts, Baker simply had the car to beat.

“I’ve never had a car that good. It was a rocket,” said Baker. “We never really changed much from opening night. All we did was put new tires on it.”

Cornelius’ second-place finish was his first finish on the podium in his OSCAAR rookie campaign, which he said was a good boost to team spirit.

“Last time we were here, and even at Barrie, I felt we left something on the table,” said Cornelius. “Finishing second here feels like a win. I had nothing for Baker at all. He was on rails tonight. I’m happy with our finish.”

The track position benefitted Baker has a number of drivers waged war behind him.

John Owen’s (No. 2 Owen Performance Engines) night ended on lap 17 after he was hit from behind by Shane Maginnis (No.03 Budds GMC Cadillac) in turn three. The contact sent both drivers sprawling to the grass infield.

On lap 36, Mike Beyore (No. 54 Stemac/Millenium Crane) made contact with Gary Passer (No.13 Jenco Equipment) in turn two, which put Beyore in to the inside retaining wall. Beyore later explained the contact shifted everything from the car’s radiator and forward.

Beyore said he didn’t feel anything was intentional, but rather he was a victim of circumstance and bad timing.

The worst wreck of the night came five laps shy of the 50-lap goal when Charlie Gallant (No. 40P South Shore Services) hit the inside retaining wall on the front stretch. Gallant was touched coming off of turn four by Jeff Hanley (No. 70 Raylene Racing) which sent the veteran pilot spiraling towards the inside wall.

Gallant’s car was not in good shape as it was carried off the track. He was unable to repair the car for Sunday’s event.

Brandon Watson turned in an impressive showing to finish in the final podium spot. Andrew Gresel (No.81 Sauble Falls Trailer Park) drove from his tenth starting spot to an impressive fourth, while Derrick Tiemersma (No.7 Wayfreight) maintained his starting position to finish fifth.

Sean Cronan (No.8 Lockeroom Sports Bar/SuperCuts) earned the VP Racing Fuels Hard Charger award with an eighth place finish after starting 18th.

The drivers were forced to regroup for another 50-lap session on Sunday evening to determine the overall Biederman winner. After finishing first and second, respectively, on Saturday night, Baker and Cornelius were once again locked in to the front row for Sunday night’s feature.

After several incidents in the qualifying heats as drivers attempted to ensure a starting spot inside the top 12, the A-Main event started without issue. The first caution of the event didn’t fly until lap 29 when Glenn Watson (No.22 Line-X/Rival Office Solutions) took the brunt of a mix-up on the front stretch. Glenn backed in to the outside wall after contact with Gresel and Passer. The incident would end his night.

On the ensuing restart, Baker, who had led every lap to that point, faltered allowing Cornelius to take over the lead and Brandon Watson to fall in to the second spot.

A caution three laps later in turn four when Brad Corcoran (No.05) spun would give Baker a chance to regroup.

Cornelius, however, held his own on the restart as Baker was shuffled back to fourth when Maginnis grabbed the third spot.

Caution came out again on lap 40 when J.R. Fitzpatrick (No.27 JR Motorsports/Passer Racing) spun in turn two. Cornelius chose the outside for the ensuing restart with Brandon to his inside.

As the pair came off turn two, Cornelius tagged the outside wall, allowing Brandon to take over the lead.

Another caution at lap 43, would force the final restart of the night. However, as the field came to the green Cornelius jumped the start, but tried to slow himself forcing a handful of driver to spin and avoid contact. Since the green was not thrown, drivers were returned to their spots.

Brandon got the start he needed with seven laps to go to retain the lead, forcing Cornelius to settle for second on consecutive nights. Brandon would go on to win his third feature in four events to start the OSCAAR season.

“We definitely had to make a few changes from (Saturday) night,” said Brandon. “it was tough getting up there. A few restarts came in to play at the end there. It really helped us out and we were able to hold on for the last ten or so laps.”

Baker would hold on to the third spot after Maginnis hit the outside wall with four laps to go during a battle for the second spot and would not finish.

Since the top-three drivers finished in reverse order from Saturday night, all three held an average finish of two. Baker held the tie-breaker as the top finisher in Saturday’s feature.

“It’s probably the biggest race in Ontario. It’s nice to have my name on the trophy,” said Baker. “There’s a lot of good names on that trophy.”

“We had some bad luck on the restart (with 21 to go),” explained Baker. “The car was still good.”

Baker becomes the ninth different driver to win the Biederman Memorial in the event’s 15 year history. His name will go down as the first driver to win the prestigious event under the new format.

Tyler Hawn (No.42 Belford Haulage/Fox’s Bakery) was the night’s VP Racing Fuels Hard Charger after finishing ninth despite a dead last starting spot of 22nd.

The OSCAAR Super Late Model tour takes a two week break before returning to action for their only stop of the season at Sauble Speedway on July 13, 2013. The event at ‘the Beach’ always offers a solid car count and an electric fan atmosphere. Stay tuned to for schedule information.

By Clayton Johns (@cjohnsmedia)

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OSCAAR Super Late Models 15th Annual Don Biederman Memorial

Sunset International Speedway

Night 1 – Saturday June 29, 2013

Time Trials (Time in seconds)

1. 48 Dwayne Baker, 13.503 – Knightworks Design Fastest Outlaw

2. 17 Kevin Cornelius ®, 13.540

3. 22 Glenn Watson, 13.560

4. 27 J.R. Fitzpatrick ®, 13.627 – DQ

5. 77 George Wilson, 13.642

6. 9 Brandon Watson, 13.646

7. 7 Derrick Tiemersma, 13.689

8. 70 Jeff Hanley, 13.738

9. 54 Mike Beyore, 13.744

10. 81 Andrew Gresel ®, 13.744

11. 8 Sean Cronan ®, 13.791

12. 45 Rob Poole, 13.804

13. 2 John Owen, 13.822

14. 7m Brent McLean, 13.837

15. 03 Shane Maginnis, 13.874

16. 97 Brandon Vanderwel, 13.920

17. 13 Gary Passer, 13.963

18. 07 Todd Campbell, 13.967

19. 40P Charlie Gallant, 14.063

20. 05 Brad Corcoran, 14.081

21. 3 Rob Gibson, 14.105

22. 42 Tyler Hawn, 14.142

23. 83 Ian Bouque, 14.180

24. 551 Quinn Misener, 14.278

25. 63 Jim Bowman, 14.419

26. 71c Ethan Courneyea, 14.474

27. 39 Shane Gowan, 14.824


Top-two qualifiers are automatically locked in to the front row.


Heat Results: Top-Three drivers transfer directly to the A-Main


Heat 1

1. 77 George Wilson

2. 48 Dwayne Baker

3. 2 John Owen

4. 54 Mike Beyore

5. 13 Gary Passer

6. 63 Jim Bowman

7. 3 Rob Gibson (DNS)


Heat 2

1. 9 Brandon Watson

2. 17 Kevin Cornelius

3. 81 Andrew Gresel

4. 7m Brent McLean

5. 42 Tyler Hawn

6. 07 Todd Campbell (DNS)

7. 71c Ethan Courneyea (DNS)


Heat 3

1. 7 Derrick Tiemersma

2. 22 Glenn Watson

3. 03 Shane Maginnis

4. 40P Charlie Gallant

5. 83 Ian Bourque

6. 39 Shane Gowan (DNF)

7. 8 Sean Cronan (DNS)


Heat 4

1. 70 Jeff Hanley

2. 45 Rob Poole

3. 27 J.R. Fitzpatrick

4. 05 Brad Corcoran

5. 97 Brandon Vanderwel

6. 551 Quinn Misener


B-Main Results: Top-Four qualify for the A-Main


B-Main 1

1. 54 Mike Beyore

2. 07 Todd Campbell

3. 42 Tyler Hawn

4. 13 Gary Passer

5. 71c Ethan Courneyea

6. 7m Brent McLean (DNF)


B-Main 2

1. 40P Charlie Gallant

2. 05 Brad Corcoran

3. 8 Sean Cronan

4. 97 Brandon Vanderwel

5. 39 Shane Gowan

6. 551 Quinn Misener

7. 83 Ian Bourque (DNF)


Provisional Starting Spots (Pos. 21-24): 39 Shane Gowan, 63 Jim Bowman, 7m Brent McLean, 551 Quinn Misener.

50-Lap A-Main Results (Starting Position in Parentheses)

1. 48 Dwayne Baker (1)

2. 17 Kevin Cornelius (2)

3. 9 Brandon Watson (4)

4. 81 Andrew Gresel (10)

5. 7 Derrick Tiemersma (5)

6. 45 Rob Poole (8)

7. 03 Shane Maginnis (11)

8. 8 Sean Cronan (18)

9. 22 Glenn Watson (7)

10. 07 Todd Campbell (15)

11. 42 Tyler Hawn (17)

12. 70 Jeff Hanley (6)

13. 77 George Wilson (3)

14. 05 Brad Corcoran (16)

15. 551 Quinn Misener (15)

16. 13 Gary Passer (19)

17. 40P Charlie Gallant (14) (DNF)

18. 63 Jim Bowman (22) (DNF)

19. 54 Mike Beyore (13) (DNF)

20. 2 John Owen (9) (DNF)

21. 27 J.R. Fitzpatrick (12) (DNF)

22. 39 Shane Gowan (21) (DNF)

23. 97 Brandon Vanderwel (20) (DNF)

24. 7m Brent McLean (24) (DNS)


Did Not Qualify


83 Ian Bourque (Steering)

71c Ethan Courneyea

3 Rob Gibson (Clutch)



Night 2 – Sunday June 30, 2013


Note: 48 Dwayne Baker and 17 Kevin Cornelius locked in to the front row based on Saturday results.


Heat Results: Top-Four transfer directly to the A-Main.


Heat 1

1. 48 Dwayne Baker

2. 03 Shane Maginnis

3. 07 Todd Campbell

4. 13 Gary Passer

5. 71c Ethan Courneyea

6. 27 J.R. Fitzpatrick (DNF)

7. 81 Andrew Gresel (DNF)

8. 77 George Wilson (DNF)


Heat 2

1. 17 Kevin Cornelius

2. 8 Sean Cronan

3. 05 Brad Corcoran

4. 63 Jim Bowman

5. 39 Shane Gowan (DNF)

6. 42 Tyler Hawn (DNF)

7. 7 Derrick Tiemersma (DNF)


Heat 3

1. 9 Brandon Watson

2. 45 Rob Poole

3. 70 Jeff Hanley

4. 22 Glenn Watson

5. 2 John Owen

6. 97 Brandon Vanderwel

7. 57 Craig Stevenson


B-Main: All drivers transfer. Results determine A-Main starting position.

1. 2 John Owen

2. 81 Andrew Gresel

3. 7 Derrick Tiemersma

4. 27 J.R. Ftizpatrick

5. 77 George Wilson

6. 97 Brandon Vanderwel

7. 71c Ethan Courneyea

8. 57 Craig Stevenson

9. 39 Shane Gowan (DNS)

10. 42 Tyler Hawn (DNS)


50-Lap A-Main Results (Starting Position in parentheses)

1. 9 Brandon Watson (3)

2. 17 Kevin Cornelius (2)

3. 48 Dwayne Baker (1)

4. 7 Derrick Tiemersma (14)

5. 70 Jeff Hanley (9)

6. 81 Andrew Gresel (13)

7. 77 George Wilson (16)

8. 45 Rob Poole (6)

9. 42 Tyler Hawn (19)

10. 13 Gary Passer (10)

11. 8 Sean Cronan (5)

12. 05 Brad Corcoran (8)

13. 27 J.R. Fitzpatrick (15)

14. 71c Ethan Courneyea (18)

15. 63 Jim Bowman (20scr)

16. 03 Shane Maginnis (4)(DNF)

17. 2 John Owen (12)(DNF)

18. 07 Todd Campbell (7)(DNF)

19. 97 Brandon Vanderwel (17)(DNF)

20. 22 Glenn Watson (11)(DNF)

21. 57 Craig Stevenson (21scr) (DNF)

22. 39 Shane Gowan (22) (DNS – Rear End)


Overall Don Biederman Winner determined based on lowest average finish.

1. Dwayne Baker – 2 (Wins Tie-Break based on better Saturday finish).

2. Kevin Cornelius – 2

3. Brandon Watson – 2



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