Gary McLean scores second straight win at Chase for the Colors at Peterborough

Gary McLean scored his second straight OSCAAR Modified win at Peterborough Speedway in the Chase for the Colors event. The win gives McLean the pole for Autumn Colors, as well as allows the defending series champion to extend his points lead.

It was a wreck-filled night for the Modifieds and it began in the first heat when Darryn Wright spins, collecting Brian McLean on lap one. Then, Branden Bullen would get into Mike Westwood. Brent McLean won ahead of Gary McLean, Brad Pearsall, Brian McLean, Westwood and Wright.

Josh Gruntz would win the second heat in his first start of the season ahead of John Harper, Shane Stickel, Dave Osbourne, Dean Scott and Davey Terry.
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Brad Pearsall won the third heat ahead of Gary McLean, Brent McLean, Brian McLean, Wright, Bullen and Westwood.

Shane Stickel won the fourth and final heat ahead of Terry, Harper, Scott, Gruntz and Osbourtne.

In the feature, Gary McLean started pole followed by Brent McLean, Shane Stickel, Brad Pearsall, Josh Gruntz, John Harper, Dean Scott, Dave Osbourne, Darryn Wright, Mike Westwood, Branden Bullen and Brian McLean.

Gary McLean would take the early lead ahead of Brent McLean, Pearsall, Stickel and Gruntz as Terry pulled off due to motor problems. Brian McLean would then pull off following problems earlier in the event. The caution would fly when Osbourne spun in turn three.

On the restart, Gary McLean pulled ahead once again, leading Brent McLean and Pearsall while Gruntz got by Stickel for fourth. The caution would fly once again when Scott would go around. Then on the front stretch, Scott and Osbourne would display their displeasure with one another, resulting in Scott in the front stretch wall. Both cars would done for the night.

On the restart, the wrecks continued as Pearsall got into Brent McLean, causing Pearsall to get sideways. The result was the field checking up and collecting Harper and Gruntz in the night. Gruntz would suffer enough damage for his modified to take two tow trucks to tow it off. So with 11 laps to go, Gary McLean led Stickel, Bullen, Wright, Westwood, Harper and Brent McLean.

Gary McLean grabbed the lead on the restart ahead of Stickel while Bullen and Wright ran side-by-side for third. Bullen held Wright off to keep the spot while Brent McLean began his climb through the field.

Gary McLean grabbed the win ahead of Shane Stickel so they will be your front row come Autumn Colors. Brent McLean made it all the way back to third, followed by Branden Bullen and John Harper. Wright and Westwood rounded out the cars still on track.

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