Lap by Lap: UNOH 200 won by Kyle Busch

After suffering a speeding penalty early in the race, Kyle Busch would work his way through lap traffic to take the victory in the UNOH 200 at Bristol Motor Speedway on Wednesday night.


Early caution for 45 spinning
American Muscle

Restart lap 9

Lap 15 Elliott leads Peters Crafton Blaney Dillon

Lap 66 Peters leads KyBusch Elliott as they go through lap traffic

Caution lap 70 Brandon Jones spins around. Leaders hit pit road. Busch and Seig were too fast. Peters leads Keselowski Blaney Crafton Elliott

Restart lap 78 Peters pulls ahead off of turn two ahead of Keselowski and Crafton

Lap 79 Blaney moves into third on Crafton

Caution lap 80 Townley spins around

Restart lap 90. Peters takes the lead

Lap 99 Bubba Wallace on pit road with problems. Something electrical.

Lap 100 Peters leads Keselowski Blaney Hornaday Crafton

99 to go Blaney passes Keselowski for second

63 to go Blaney catches Peters for the lead

62 to go Blaney gets to the outside of Peters; Peters slides up a little and Blaney gets into the wall. Keselowski passes Blaney for second.

59 to go Peters leads Keselowski Blaney Crafton Hornaday

40 to go Peters leads Keselowski Blaney Crafton Buescher

36 to go Seig is smoking. No caution yet.

34 to go Seig black flag

Caution 27 to go Agnew gets loose and into the inside wall. 9 of the 13 of the lead lap trucks came to pit road. Peters stayed out ahead of Crafton and Quiroga.

14 to go Quiroga’s truck stalls as he rolls quietly on to pit road. Peters leads Crafton Blaney Keselowski Buescher Dillon Hornaday Busch

Restart 13 to go Crafton stalls while running second and bunches up field, Keselowski slows up, Buescher spins Keselowski. Blaney got by Peters on the restart for the lead.

Restart 7 to go Blaney and Busch are side-by-side for the lead

5 to go Busch takes the lead as Blaney slides up the track. Peters up to second.

4 to go Busch leads Peters, Blaney and Sauter and Elliott

Final Lap Peters and Busch battle for the win

Kyle Busch takes the win. Peters. Blaney. Sauter. Elliott. Dillon. Buescher. Hornaday. Keselowski. Crafton. Coulter. Burton.

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