It Must Be the K: Kenseth, Kahne Finding Each Other Near the Front Often This Season

These two drivers have been in close proximity at the front of the field on numerous occasions this season. At the conclusion of three races so far in 2013; Matt Kenseth and Kasey Kahne have been involved in very exciting battles for the win. So far, it has turned out better for Kenseth than Kahne. Kahne however, is always on his bumper while looking for a way around. They have been two of the best in 2013 and when the laps wind down; you often see why.

Saturday Night during the Irwin Tools Night Race at the Bristol Motor Speedway another episode in this series took place. Over the course of the final 10 laps, another hard fought battle occurred. So far it has been Kenseth getting the better of Kahne, but Kahne keeps getting closer.

Mile and a half tracks have been the location for two of these battles. With the 1.5 mile Atlanta Motor Speedway coming up this weekend, another chapter of this friendly rivalry may emerge.
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This storyline had its start during the Kobalt Tools 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway back in March. That Sunday featured the first mile and a half race of the season and it didn’t disappoint. As the laps were winding down, a determined Kahne started hunting down the leader, Matt Kenseth. Kahne inched closer and closer to Kenseth, but he wasn’t able to catch him in time. That led to Kenseth celebrating his first win with his new team and it started a theme for some finishes in 2013, Kenseth verse Kahne.

Two different paint schemes didn’t change a thing at the Kansas Speedway where this fight for the win was on again. The same story played out as in Las Vegas, but the closing laps were much closer this time around. The final turns gave Kahne his chance, but Kenseth wouldn’t have it, therefore denying the No.5 another win.

That showdown took place during the third mile and a half race of the year. Two out of those three events came down to Kenseth and Kahne which made it a prominent trend so far in the season. The trend took a few months off before returning to Bristol last weekend.

The closer action at the Bristol Motor Speedway created a tighter battle on the high banks. It turned out to be one that had reminders of Las Vegas and Kansas written all over it.

Bristol’s fight for the finish took place for more than ten of the closing laps. As the two chased each other around, Kahne had open windows, but he wasn’t able to take advantage of them. His usually nice demeanor ultimately decided the finish which had him settling for second to Kenseth, again. Making it the third time on the season that these two have duked it out for the victory

A friendly battle has developed and another fight for the finish among two championship hopefuls could be in the works considering the makings of the three so far. Atlanta, Chicagoland, Kansas, Charlotte, Texas, and Homestead-Miami are all mile and a half’s, making them potential grounds for the next episode of Kahne verse Kenseth.

Why you ask? It is because the first two events in this storyline took place on 1.5 mile circuits. Both drivers seem to run well during those events and with six left on the schedule, more between these two is bound to come. The best chance of another battle occurring will be during the AdvoCare 500 on Sunday Night at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Two of the hungriest competitors in the garage could meet up at the front again to produce another action-packed dash to the finish.

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