Ford Performance NASCAR: Las Vegas (Austin Cindric)

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DC Solar 300 NASCAR Xfinity Series (Las Vegas, NV)
Friday, September 14, 2018

Austin Cindric, driver of the No. 22 MoneyLine Ford Mustang, is in a battle for the final playoff spot in the NASCAR Xfinity Series heading into the regular season finale at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday afternoon. Cindric met with media members at the track Friday.

AUSTIN CINDRIC, No. 22 MoneyLine Ford Mustang – YOU HAVE HAD A BIT OF A ROUGH SEASON, BUT YOU STILL HAVE A SHOT TO QUALIFY FOR THE PLAYOFFS AND COMPETE FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP: “Obviously we have a lot of big things happening this weekend. I wouldn’t say the year has been rough but the last month and a half have been a pretty big blow from a points perspective to be fighting for 7th and 8th in points and in a decent spot to now finding myself 12th and barely hanging on. I think this is a good race to turn that momentum around and have a solid day. I don’t think we have to go do anything crazy, but like you said, it is more exciting for me today because we have Money Line on the car and that is a pretty exciting program that we are putting together. I am just excited to be part of their first real step into NASCAR and really into sports in general. We will really be able to get their name out there and hopefully give them some success.”
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HOW IS SPONSORSHIP GOING WITHIN THE XFINITY SERIES? “I think my partnership now with Money Line is cool because it is a really good fit. I would consider myself new to NASCAR racing with this being my second full season driving a stock car in general. To be a part of their first foray into NASCAR and bringing a new sponsor into the sport and my age is really tied in with what they are able to do with the services they provide on the app. To have that tie-in with them being a young company and me being a young driver, trying to move up together, I think is an opportunity for a lot bigger things.”

HOW MUCH OF A FACTOR WILL THE HEAT BE TOMORROW? “I think it will definitely be a factor, but I feel like we have had some hotter races this year. I think Chicago was pretty rough. The one thing coming to this place, honestly, I remember from when we were here in March is the air is so dry and you are breathing so heavy when you are driving and the back of your throat and edges of your lips get dry and it is so much different than what you experience at most other tracks. We are all used to a pretty humid heat and I feel pretty used to that by now, but you come to somewhere like this and the conditions are different and you feel different things. Adrenaline is the best medicine, along with a lot of water.”

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