Interview: Catching up with Nerea Marti

In this interview, Speedway Media catches up with race car driver, Nerea Marti, who competes in the W Series and has done other forms of Motorsport, including Formula 4, throughout her career.

Marti discusses a wide range of topics such as the W Series, what she is currently doing during this down period of racing, sim racing, and a language she would like to learn more about.

SM: Due to this current pandemic, you haven’t been able to get any racing done this year. Are you growing tired of sitting at home and not being able to race?
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NM: “It’s a difficult situation for everyone,” Marti said. “Thanks to CETDM (CENTRO DE TECNIFICACIÓN DEL MOTOR) that sends me a training session, I can keep both physically and mentally 100 percent. Now, W Series provided us a simulator and we can keep with the preseason preparation.

SM: Is it difficult for a driver like you knowing that you are almost always on the go, but then have to pause and wait not knowing when the next race might be?

NM: “It’s an uncertainty moment, that we don’t know what happens or when we will go back,” she said. “But, we must be positive and prepared for when the time comes.”

SM: W Series announced a couple of weeks ago, you (among the other drivers) will be participating in their new sim racing league. How much are you looking forward to that?

NM: “It’s a great opportunity to be able to train and prepare (for) the tracks which I will compete, and thanks to W Series, this is possible,” Marti said. “I can’t wait for the first race.”

SM: Do you think by doing sim racing on tracks you compete at in real-life that it will help give you some practice by doing them on the sim?

NM: “The simulator helps a lot to learn the tracks and have references,” she said. “It helps a great deal.”

SM: Has this break altered your normal routine than what it normally is? How have you been able to adjust to the different circumstances?

NM: Normally, I live in Cheste, a village near Valencia, the CETDM program and there, I’m internal from Monday to Friday, combining the studies with training and other elite athletes,” Marti said. “This lockdown, I have continued my training at home, following the information received by my trainer daily.”

SM: During this lockdown, have you been watching any Netflix or Hulu? If so, what is your favorite TV show right now?

NM: “I have organized very well the time to take advantage of it to the maximum,” she said. “I have been studying and training a lot and in my free time, watching Netflix without binge-watching. I also speak to my friends via video conference, etc. My favorite TV show is a Spanish one called “La casa de papel.”

SM: What been the most random or funniest thing that has happened to you during a race?

NM: I don’t have any random situation,” Marti said. “But, I remember once when I was training with my kart, I felt one bee inside my helmet and I had to stop. I was scared, but it was also funny.”

SM: Is there a language that you wish you can learn how to speak?

NM: “I would like to talk as many languages as possible, in order to communicate with many people,” she said. “During this lockdown, I have been improving my English.”

SM: If you could not be a race car driver anymore, what would your other career choice be and why?

NM: “I like sport in general, but I have always been surrounded by motorsport,” Marti said. “It is my passion.”

SM: If you could choose someone to play you in a movie about your life. Who would that person be?

NM: “I don’t know, but if I have to choose I would say my mom,” she said. “Only because she knows me a lot, although she is not an actress. I think she can speak like me and act like me. I think it would be funny.”

SM: Is there a song out there that best describes you?

NM: “I think that I don’t have any song which describes my life, but in this moment, I’m listening to reggaeton, a lot of the times.”

SM: If you could visit any planet in the solar system, which planet would it be?

NM: “If I had to choose one planet, I would choose Mars,” Marti said. “I would like to know if there is life.”

SM: Wrapping it up, what is one accomplishment that you are most proud of?

NM: “One of my greatest accomplishments has been to drive a Formula (Car),” she said. “It has always been my dream and I am very proud of it.”

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Special thanks to Nerea Marti for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do the interview.

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