Brock Zearfoss Notches First Victory of 2020 In All Star Circuit of Champions

Heading to Southern Oklahoma Speedway Thursday night, many competitors were hoping to stop the recent dominance of Kyle Larson’s winning streak dating back to last Sunday.

Jonestown, PA native, Brock Zearfoss was one of the competitors who was able to stop Larson’s reign but it wasn’t easy with an event filled race.

In fact, race fans didn’t see Zearfoss took control of the race until 10 laps to go, as Skylar Gee and Dominic Scelzi would trade the lead multiple times in the first 14 laps. Gee leading the first five laps and Scelzi leading laps six to 14. At lap 15, Zearfoss used the high side and used that momentum to keep his competitors at bay.
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Up until Zearfoss took the lead on lap 15, there were a large number of yellows and a red flag periods. Early on, this gave Zearfoss a couple of chances to eventually lead the pace. After Zearfoss was in the top position, he had to maintain his pace, but more cautions fell which at one point allowed the field to have a refuel session. Even with those instances, Zearfoss still held onto take the victory at Southern Oklahoma Speedway over Danny Dietrich and Dominic Scelzi.

Greg Wilson who picked up nine positions, won the Hercules Tire Hard Charger Award.

Official Results

  1. Brock Zearfoss, led 10 laps, won Heat Race No. 3
  2. Danny Dietrich
  3. Dominic Scelzi, led 8 laps, won Heat Race No. 1
  4. Cory Eliason
  5. Justin Sanders
  6. Justin Peck
  7. Paul McMahan
  8. Zeb Wise
  9. Aaron Reutzel
  10. Greg Wilson
  11. Skylar Gee, won Dash No. 1
  12. Jake Bubak
  13. Sam Hafertepe Jr
  14. Kasey Kahne
  15. Kyle Clark
  16. Harli White
  17. Brian Bell
  18. Scott Bogucki
  19. John Carney
  20. Blake Hahn
  21. Danny Smith
  22. Tony Stewart
  23. Josh Baughman, won Heat Race No. 2
  24. Robbie Price

Up Next: The All Star Circuit of Champions will visit Monarch Motor Speedway Friday night June 12 with racing starting at 8 p.m./local time.

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